I could not remember when I was so happy to get a “C” for an exam. I finally received my Certificate of Proficiency in English Exam’s result today and I passed at a grade C. There were four students who took the exam in mid-June 2014 and all of us passed at a grade C. This came as a surprise for me because I was not confident enough to pass this exam. I scored low score in previous exam practice tests.

A little bit about this exam, CPE is the highest level of English – above Advanced level – and by having this certificate you can say that you have proven yourself to be as proficient enough in English – almost the same with native speakers. Eline said that you can teach English with this certificate. Imagining myself as an English teacher? hmmmm over my dead body :D…..

This is my first certificate from Cambridge English, which is a part of University of Cambridge. I will receive the actual certificate in a couple of days and this is the first time in my life I have something related to the University of Cambridge, although through its Cambridge English Language Assessment. Perhaps a first step to get another Cambridge-related diploma?:D