July 2014

Yesterday was the first time in my life that I denied to be check in. I was late for a couple of minutes and EasyJet staff didn’t permit me to check in. The flight would leave in about 35 minutes and I was sure that should they allow me to check in, I could run to board on the plane on time. Unfortunately they didn’t.

I was so furious as it was entirely my fault. There was a string of bad luck as there was something wrong with the RER C in Paris. After leaving Musee Quay Branly about 15.45-is, I have 2.5 hours before my flight took of at 18.15. But there was some work between Invalides and Saint Michel in RER C line and there was bus replacement service. This took longer time than expected as about 17.00 I managed to get into RER B towards Charles de Gaule Airport. It was not fast enough to arrive at 17.35 in the check in counter as the train arrived at CDG Terminal 2 at 17.35 After running like hell, I still could not make it ontime. . LESSON LEARNT: Leave 1.5 hours before the check-in desks open. This lesson caused me to spend additional 80 Euros to change the ticket to the next day at 07.05.

To make things worse, I had a kick off teleconference with a client that morning at 8.30 AM. The flight arrived at 7.20 BST, which is one hour back of Paris time. Even though I used a taxi that cost me 50 pounds, I did not manage to get into the office on time, so I had to dial the phone number in Oman OK – my credit was nose-dive very quickly with that.

The funny thing was I met three American girls first in the RER C and then again at EasyJet customer services. There were fifteen people who had the same bad luck as we did. At least I know how EasyJet made their extra money – by extorting people like us.

I could not remember when I was so happy to get a “C” for an exam. I finally received my Certificate of Proficiency in English Exam’s result today and I passed at a grade C. There were four students who took the exam in mid-June 2014 and all of us passed at a grade C. This came as a surprise for me because I was not confident enough to pass this exam. I scored low score in previous exam practice tests.

A little bit about this exam, CPE is the highest level of English – above Advanced level – and by having this certificate you can say that you have proven yourself to be as proficient enough in English – almost the same with native speakers. Eline said that you can teach English with this certificate. Imagining myself as an English teacher? hmmmm over my dead body :D…..

This is my first certificate from Cambridge English, which is a part of University of Cambridge. I will receive the actual certificate in a couple of days and this is the first time in my life I have something related to the University of Cambridge, although through its Cambridge English Language Assessment. Perhaps a first step to get another Cambridge-related diploma?:D