December 2013

For those that might want to run somewhat shorter distances than our long-distance athletes – the 34th Empire States Building race was held today and is every year. It only takes 10 minutes apparently.,-0.570409

Challenge Rules

  • You must use crackers of minimum dimensions (66mm x 69mm x 4.5mm) – Jacob’s Cream Crackers are ideal.
  • You cannot put any toppings on the crackers, and you are not allowed any drinks during the attempt.
  • Each cracker must be swallowed before you can start eating the next one.
  • You must show your mouth is empty between each cracker, and after the third one.
  • The time starts when you pick up the first cracker, and ends when you show your empty mouth after you have swallowed the third cracker.
  • As with all consumption record challenges, we strongly recommend you do not attempt this multiple times in one day

Taken from the Guinness World Records site.

Dulu ada appointment jam 10.45 1 Feb di RS (buat tounge)

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