I lived in a dormitory in TU Delft. In my room only me. The “couch” is not actually a couch. I do not have pet in my room now. I do have pet back in my hometown in Indonesia, seven dogs. Since I have to study here and live abroad, I try not to have any pet. I don’t smoke and I hope that my guest don’t smoke in my room to.

Delft is a student city, but it has various things to do, especially in the centrum. Local landmark here, hmmm let me think, the oude kerk is good, also the nieue kerk. City gate has been the symbol of Delft.

Public transportation to my place can be bus, there is a bus stop about 5 minutes walking and it takes 5 to 10 minutes by bus to the Delft station. I can show people around only in weekend, or if I am not busy with my campus activities.

I usually go to bed late (thus wake up late). Best time to host is weekend. Bring your own sleeping bag. 4 days I think is too many for me.