June 2011

A unique one-day summer festival for all the family to enjoy

Maksud dan Tujuan : Mengenalkan dan Mempromosikan Indonesia melalui budaya, kerajinan dan makanan2 dari seluruh penjuru Nusantara kepada masyarakat Inggris di UK dan khususnya di WINDSOR.
Oakfield First SchoolImperial Road
Windsor SL4 3RU

Date:2 Juli 2011 (SATURDAY)
Time :11am-17pm

There will be :

Over 20 Professional Indonesian Dancers And also Special Performance from Children Oakfield Performance By Malaysian Dance.First Performance starts at midday….NOT TO BE MISSED.

Batik Demonstration showing how to make the beautifully patterned.

More than 10 Indonesian Foods Stalls selling :
– Mie Bakso, Bubur Ayam, Siomay, Sate kambing, Mie Goreng
– Nasi Kapau/Nasi Ramas Padang dengan Rendang dll
– Mie Tek-Tek, Nasi campur ala Jinggo,Spring Roll/Lumpia
– Bakwan, Martabak, Lapis Surabaya, Kue Cucur, Kue Lupis, Serabi
– Asinan Kedongdong dan Mangga, Tempe Mentah
– Home Made Ice Cream : Durian, Chocolate, Coconut, Orange
– Sate Padang, Soto Padang, Bumbu2 Indonesia
– Bakso Malang isi Telur, Pempek, Nasi Uduk, Kue Manis
– Sale Pisang,Peyek Teri/Kacang, Batagor, Kripik Pangsit Pedas
– Kacang Sukro, Rengginan, Kripik Sukun, Indonesian Istant Noodles
– Soft Drinks ( Coke, Pepsi, Fanta etc ), Es Cendol/ Es Dawet
And much…much more…

More than 10 Indonesian Stalls selling a variety of imported clothing, jewellery and handicrafts such as wooden Javanese puppets and Balinese paintings and much…much more….

Indonesian Traditional Games : Lomba Balap Karung dan Lomba Balap Kelereng/Gundu.

Raffle Draw offering fantastic prizes.

In association with the Indonesian Embassy in London

Celebrating 200 years of Historical ties Indonesian-UK 1811 – 2011

More Information Please click www.indondance.wordpress.com

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There will be cultural performances, trade exhibition,and food bazaar! It’s an event not to be missed!
Love to see all of you there:)

Please spread the words,invite this event to all your friends and family:)

CAUTION: go to notes on Equality Act 2010/changes made by the Act for changes to discrimination law in effect from 1st October 2010. The unique emplaw EA 2010 cross-reference tool will locate new statutory references for you.

This information only applies to non-EU workers who are in the UK with an old style “work permit” or a sponsored visa (seeImmigration/Tier 2 ). These visa categories have very strict working restrictions attached to them and only allow the visa holder to work for the employer that sponsored their visa application, in the role that the visa was issued for.

As soon as the employment by the sponsor of a worker with one of these visa types is terminated, either voluntarily or involuntarily (eg by reason of redundancy), the worker’s visa effectively becomes invalid. The worker concerned must then either make a new visa application or leave the country at once.

In practice, on application, the Border Agency will generally curtail the individual’s visa to allow them either 28 days (old style work permit visa) or 60 days (Tier 2 visas) in which to find a new sponsor (if relevant) and submit a new visa application.

Employers have a duty to notify the UK Border Agency as soon as a sponsored migrant worker ceases employment.

For practical advice on work permit and immigration matters, we recommend contacting the independent UK Work Permits Ltdconsultancy of Hammersmith, West London (tel 0845 226 4030) whose help in preparing this note is gratefully acknowledged


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French Schengen Visa

The French Schengen visa allows you to travel freely within the Schengen Visa countries, including France, and spend a maximum of 90 days over 6 months. However, the duration of the French Schengen visa is up to the French Embassy in London.
Getting a French Schengen Visa can be very easy. Please make sure that you read and understand all of the Schengen requirements listed below:
Expat Explore is officially accredited as a visa agency with the French Embassy.

Embassy Accreditation number:




Please go through the 8-point checklist. Once you have ALL the documents, phone us to reserve a lodging space. We are not the French embassy or TLS (the embassy visa centre) – we are a private agency that will prepare and represent your visa application to them. We prefer to receive all visa applications by special recorded Royal Mail delivery and will post your documents back the same way, FREE of charge, after receiving your application.

small_arrow2.gif First read the 8 Point Check list below, collect all your documents and then phone Expat Explore (between 10:00 and 15:00) and book a lodging space for your French Schengen visa (not later than 2 weeks before date of travel to France).
!!!! small_arrow2.gif After you have phoned us and booked your visa lodging space, post or deliver your full Schengen application to our office (We need your information at least a week before your processing date).

MAKE SURE YOUR APPLICATION IS 100% COMPLETE WHEN YOU DELIVER IT TO OUR OFFICE – CONSULTATIONS for incomplete applications have an extra charge of £20 – you can only deliver your documents at our office – if you would like us to review this with you we charge an extra £20.

small_arrow2.gif Please note that the French Embassy decide the length of the visa after taking into account your credibility in terms of previous Schengen states visited, time remaining on your residency visa and period of insurance covered for.
small_arrow2.gif When posting, ask the post office for special recorded next day delivery. Our fees includes the embassy fee and FREE postage return to you if required..
Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, Birmanie (Burma), Burundi, Congo, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, North Korea, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Surinam, Syria, Tunisia, UAE, Yemen, Vietnam, Zimbabwe
You MUST complete the following 3 forms:
A FRENCH SCHENGEN VISA APPLICATION FORM (remember to sign question 37)
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Everyone must sign question 37 AND the last block on page 3. Complete the Schengen form with a black pen and in capitals. The visa forms should be error free without any scratching, tip-ex or changes. Any technical or difficult questions should be left empty – we will complete this. Just sign at question 37 and the last block on page 3. (leave questions 21-25 open).
C MINOR: Download if you are under 18 years old or have children under 18 applying. Download here
2 LETTER OF EMPLOYMENT (Also read special cases)
small_arrow2.gif Official ORIGINAL up-to-date (not older than a month) letter from your employer stating the position held within the company as well as the starting date. The letter must be dated.
The letter should be addressed to :The French Embassy: Visa section and must be on an official letterhead with the date. THE LETTERHEAD MUST HAVE THE COMPANY’S REGISTRATION NUMBER ON IT.
small_arrow2.gif Your manager must sign the letter – original signature required.
! ! small_arrow2.gif Last three payslips. (Weekly or Monthly)
small_arrow2.gif MARRIED COUPLES
Original Married certificates must be included with all applications involving married couples. Religious marriage certificates are not excepted by the French embassy (it must be issued by your government).
small_arrow2.gif MARRIED to UK NATIONAL
We can assist you. You only need to provide the following:
  • Original marriage certificate
  • Both passports for you and your UK spouse
  • Form 1 A and B from this list
  • 3 Passport photos
  • (Now continue to nr 7 in this list)
small_arrow2.gif SELF EMPLOYED
An up-to-date letter from your solicitor, accountant, bank manager or local Chamber of Commerce
small_arrow2.gif IF STUDYING
An official up-to-date letter from your school, college or university, stating the type of studies and duration of your course / studies.
small_arrow2.gif NANNY OR AU-PAIR
An up-to-date letter from your employer WITH your work contract
Employers passport
An up-to-date letter from your spouse’s employer
Spouse’s valid passport
Your marriage certificate (in English or French. If not, then the certificate must be translated, certified and stamped by your country’s embassy in the UK).
Letter of employer as above, confirming health insurance cover
Formal invitation letter from the French company, stating purposes and frequency of the business trips (including the French company’s registration number).
small_arrow2.gif MINOR (UNDER 18)
Original unabridged full birth certificate, stating both parents’ names, with official translation if not in French or English
Parents’ original passports or certified copies if the parents are residing abroad
The minor authorization form (Download here)
3 TRAVEL INSURANCE – Insureandgo.com from only £30 annual.
small_arrow2.gif You will need European travel insurance including medical cover and repatriation with a €30000 limit, valid for the Schengen area. It must cover the duration of the requested visa.
small_arrow2.gif If you are only insured for the duration of your trip, you will only get a Schengen visa for that period. To qualify for a 6 months or longer Schengen visa you will need travel insurance that covers the entire period.
Which Insurance provider is the best for your application?
Insureandgo.com Most applicants use insureandgo.com annual travel insurance. It is cheap, you can purchase it online and immediately print your own certificate. Withinsureandgo.com the embassy ONLY require your printed certificate. Get a quote now insurance
Bank Insurance If you have insurance through your current bank account (not credit card), please provide an original up-to-date letter from your bank confirming this on letter headed paper.
Other If you purchase any other insurance make sure to include the travel insurance certificate that states your name, period of cover and what you are covered for. You must also include the full policy document to clearly show your medical cover and repatriation with a €30000 limit.
* Please note, insureandgo.com will also instantly email and post you your travel insurance certificate and policy documents.
small_arrow2.gif ORIGINAL BANK STATEMENT (Option A)
  • The bank statement must be the original statement that the bank posts to your house, with your name and address on AND:
  • Dated not older than one month from date of travel departure.
  • –> Always include an internet updated print-out with your original (or bank stamped updated)
  • You should have at least £55 per number of days planned to be spent in France, in your account.
  • If you do not have sufficient funds in your latest original statement, you can include an up-to-date internet printout of your account that shows sufficient funds. However, we still need an old original statement with the new printouts.
  • If you are unable to provide an original bank statement you must provide a print out that has been stamped by the bank.
small_arrow2.gif Traveling by bus, eurostar, airplane
  • A confirmed return ticket to France with the dates of departure and return on.
  • Names of all passengers, not only the lead passenger.
  • E-booking confirmation is also acceptable
small_arrow2.gif Traveling by car
  • Confirmed ferry booking, stating passengers names and car registration number.
  • MOT certificate and car insurance documents.
  • Letter from driver stating that he/she will be driving to France and the names of all passengers.
Are you looking for a budget weekend to Paris. Visit our Paris Budget Weekend tourpage – we have fully guided tours from £109 for the weekend AND we will offer you a further discounted fee on our Schengen visa rates.
small_arrow2.gif Staying in a hotel:
  • A confirmed and paid hotel reservation, stating the names of the guests, date of arrival and departure. Hotel name, number and address.
  • NB – From 27 April 2009 the French embassy also requires you to get further proof DIRECTLY from your hotel or hostel. This should be ideally a fax letter (or personal email) addressed to you and confirming that they are aware of your reservation and can confirm your reservation details. They WILL NOT except vouchers, e-tickets or email confirmations any more – you must have extra direct confirmation!!
  • The following information was issued by the French Embassy:
    As from the 27th of April 2009, people traveling to France for tourism will have to provide a reservation confirmation issued directly by the hotel clearly stating the visa national’s full names, the dates of check-in and out, the hotel address and contact details. Bookings made via a reservation centre or travel agencies will no longer be accepted. To ensure that visa nationals comply with the legislation in regards to the reality of stay in France, controls will be made prior and after the visa has been granted.
small_arrow2.gif Staying with friends or family:
  • A French certificate of board and lodging to be obtained from the French local town hall or police station (“Attestation d’Accueil”). We need the original document (green and orange form with official stamp).
small_arrow2.gif 3 passport photos
small_arrow2.gif 45mm×35mm, colour photos, taken against a white background with good contrast and quality.
small_arrow2.gif Printed on normal photographic paper. The French Embassy do not accept scanned photos.
small_arrow2.gif Your passport must be valid for 3 months after the return date of your holiday.
IF you have a valid active Schengen visa, the embassy can not cancel this. You can START with a new application when your old visa has expired. Therefore, your holiday should not overlap with an old active visa.
small_arrow2.gif The French embassy does not issue Schengen visas in the last 3 months of any UK visas. If you only have less than 3 months left on your UK visa, you can not apply for a Schengen visa.
small_arrow2.gif If your UK visa states the name of your spouse, fiance, unmarried partner or child, please include this person’s valid passport (no copies) with your application.
small_arrow2.gif There must be at least 2 empty visa pages in your passport.
small_arrow2.gif South African temporary passports are invalid for a French Schengen Visa.
Please phone us now on 0207 394 5232 ext 21 to book your visa application with us.
FRENCH SCHENGEN VISA COSTS – all embassy fees included
£85 MARRIED TO UK or EU SPOUSE – This includes all fees.
£125 small_arrow2.gif OWN TRAVEL or an EXPAT EXPLORE TOUR – The fee includes the French embassy fee, TLS and our fee. Early booking due to high summer demand is advised.
£160 spacer EMERGENCY SCHENGEN VISAS – Only applies if you request a visa within 7 working days of intended travel. The fee includes the French embassy fee, TLS and our fee.
£20 small_arrow2.gif OFFICE CONSULTATION FEE – MAKE SURE YOUR APPLICATION IS 100% COMPLETE WHEN YOU DELIVER IT TO OUR OFFICE – CONSULTATIONS for incomplete applications have an extra charge of £20 – you can only deliver your documents at our office – if you would like us to review this with you we charge an extra £20.
Free small_arrow2.gif FREE POSTAGE – We will post your Schengen visa and all original documents back to you via Royal Mail’s special recorded (tracked and signed for) next day delivery service. FREE OF CHARGE. Please note that for your own peace of mind, we can not post documents back within 2 days before you travel AND note that Royal Mail special delivery does not operate over weekends.
small_arrow2.gif CHEQUE: All cheques must be made out to Expat Explore Ltd
spacer BANK TRANSFER: Transfer the correct fee to HSBC account name: Expat Explore; Account Number: 11877461and Sort Code 401505 – use your booking number as reference.
small_arrow2.gif CASH AT THE OFFICE : Remember your name as reference!
Do you need Expert Advice on
UK immigration laws & permits?

There may be one or two times in your life when you have to be absolutely certain that you are making the right choice. Choosing an advisor for your UK visa is one of those times, because when it comes to life changing happenings, you want the best on your side. Visit our website now.


Kebaktian/Service 12 June 2011

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It’s his birthday.Say Happy Birthday

It’s his birthday.
Say Happy Birthday

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London Bucket List
365 Things-to-do in London

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Brittany Ferries Offer
Summer Offer – 1 week in France from £175 return for 2 people & car

New! Up to 30Mb broadband
Now the whole house can get online at the same time. Superfast broadband – just £8.50/month for the first 3 months with a Virgin phone.

Time 12 June · 13:00 – 14:30

The processions can also be seen from from the Mall. Events begin at approximately 10am, with the fly-past at 1pm.
The parade is also broadcast live on BBC television in the UK.

Sat 11th The Queen’s Birthday Parade, Trooping the Colour on Horse Guards Parade at 11am. The Colour will be Trooped by 1st Battalion Scots Guards.
A 41-Gun Royal Salute by the King’s Troop RHA in Green Park at 1252 hours and 62-Guns by the HAC at the Tower of London at 1300 hours.

The Trooping of the Colour

The RSM, sword drawn

An orderly crosses the approach road to take the pace stick from the Regimental Sergeant Major who draws his sword, the only time an RSM will do so on any parade in peacetime.

The ‘Escort For the Colour’ marches off in quick time to the tune the ‘British Grenadiers‘. No matter which regiment’s colour is being trooped, the ‘British Grenadiers’ is always used at this point in the parade because the right flank company of every battalion used to be a grenadier company.

The Escort marks time whilst the Massed Bands clear the line of march. The Subaltern is now looking for a small white stone 15 paces from the Colour Party where he will halt the Escort.

The RSM marches from the rear of the Escort, sword drawn in symbolic protection of the Colour. He is followed forward by the ‘Ensign For the Colour’ who will carry the Colour through the ranks of assembled guardsmen.

RSM approaches the Colour Party

The RSM salutes the Colour, takes a pace forward, receives the Colour in his left hand from the Sergeant of the Colour Party.

RSM receives the Colour

In turn the Ensign salutes the Colour, sheathes his sword, receives the Colour and places it in his colour belt. He then turns and shows the Colour which will be trooped.

The Ensign sheathes his sword The Ensign receives the Colour

The Escort has now become the ‘Escort To the Colour’.

The parade present arms to the strains of the National Anthem. The Escort now moves through the ranks of the assembled guards in slow time to the tunes music.gifEscort to The Colour‘ and the music.gifGrenadiers Slow March‘ (used to march grenadiers back to barracks after changing the guard).

Click twice on the picture for a video clip
Shockwave plugin is available free here

The Massed Bands, at this point, carry out the intricate “Spin Wheel” manoeuvre which appears in no drill book or manual of ceremonial, but is passed down from memory to each new generation of bandsmen. (see panel below)

The ‘Escort To the Colour’, having cleared No. 2 Guard resumes its place on the right of the line.

Passing the Colour in front of the Guards

The Escort now presents arms and the parade is then ordered to slope arms and the officers ordered to take posts.

The Massed Bands’ Spin-Wheel Manoeuvre


Press play for a video clip
Shockwave plugin is available free here

Many spectators think that the part played by the Foot Guards’ Bands has remained unchanged over the years, but with the formation of the Regimental Bands and Corps of Drums of the Irish and Welsh Guards (and the Pipes and Drums of the former) it became impossible for the mass of men, numbering well over 400, to manoeuvre in the customary manner and, as a result, the ‘Spin-Wheel’ was invented. It is the responsibility of the Garrison Sergeant Major to ensure by rehearsals that it is executed correctly. Lieutentant Colonel Rodney Bashford, late Director of Music Grenadier Guards, described it thus:

“A ‘wheel’ is not an easy manoeuvre with even a small body of troops, and with a block of 400 men the normal wheel is impossible. The massed band therefore pivots on its own centre, so that certain outer ranks and files march long distances in a hurry while the centre and inner ranks loiter with extreme intent, or merely mark time. Yet others not only step sideways but backwards as well. This highly complex movement is called a ‘spin-wheel’, the details of which can be found in no drill book or manual of ceremonial. Its complexity defies description, and if the truth were known, many of the participants know not whither they go or, on arrival, how they got there. The spin-wheel is almost an art form and each performance of it, although similar in essentials, is different in detail. Most of the performers are adjusting their actions to suit the needs of the spin-wheel of the moment, having adjusted their movements quite otherwise on other occasions.”

“The public is, hopefully, unaware of all this, and unless forewarned will likely as not miss the action completely, for it all looks so simple and inevitable from a spectator’s seat. The public is, also hopefully, unaware of events in the epicentre of that elegantly spinning body of men. The spectatar hears only the music, but those on parade in the vicinity of the spin-wheel are aware of the deafening cacophony of crotchets and quavers plus much shouting and gesticulating as the five directors of music, hidden within the ranks, and the senior NCOs bid to control the wanderings of the less experienced brethren, lost to the world in what to them must resemble a super-orchestrated fairground roundabout gone mad. And as this spinning, roaring mass slowly gains equilibrium the raw ones are suddenly, frighteningly conscious of something amiss – a slight miscalculation perhaps on someone’s part – for half the band is facing north, and the other south. Then a distant, ghostly scream, seemingly emanating from a euphonium to the north, effects an about turn by the eastern half. And all is finished.”

“The massed bands, corps of drums, and pipes and drums of Her Majesty’s Guards Division have changed direction.”

Spin Wheel – the inside view:
At this point during the parade the Massed Bands need to turn 90 degrees to the left. The bands are too big and there isn’t enough space to perform a normal wheel so we do the spin wheel instead. As soon as we step off, the left half of the band all turn around and then everyone starts moving round to the right trying to keep 2 paces between the person in front of you and to your right. Once the front of the right half and the rear of the left half of the band are round, listen for a double tap from the Bass Drum and the left hand side of the band turn around again. Then you simply pick up your dressing and look in for the “forward” from the Senior Drum Major.

Kalau ada iklan, “kesan pertama begitu menggoda”, kesan pertama di Delft jauh dari menggoda. Pertama kali tiba di Delft, driver *) saya nyasar, tidak bisa menemukan sebuah jalan yang bernama “Feldmannweg”, tempat saya akan tinggal selama setahun pertama kuliah S2 di Technische Universiteit Delft atau yang lebih dikenal dengan nama TU Delft. Ketika jalan Feldmannweg berhasil ditemukan, di hadapan saya banyak sekali kotak berwarna-warni. Sebutannya sih lumayan keren: “Spacebox” yang kalau diterjemahkan ke bahasa indonesia berarti kotak (box) ruang angkasa (space). Warnanya nggak banget deh, pink, jingga, etc.Istilah dari Ivonne: “sangkar burung warna warni” rasanya lumayan tepat. Note: burung-burungnya adalah mahasiswa asing di Delft. Kunci kamar yang diambil dari welcome package saya ternyata gagal untuk membuka pintu kamar Feldmannweg 158. Sekali…. dua kali… tiga kali… sampai berkali-kali dicoba, pintu kamar 158 itu tak terbuka. Rasa-rasanya saya memperoleh kunci yang salah. Diantara ratusan welcome package untuk mahasiswa international TU Delft, pasti ada saja yang error, dan saya termasuk yg “beruntung” mendapatkan “paket error” itu.


*) Setiap mahasiswa asing yang datang dalam jangka waktu yg ditetapkan TU Delft dijemput di Schiphol airport dengan minibus yang mengantar mahasiswa asing tsb ke dormitory-nya

Spacebox – Inside

Setelah kontak kanan kiri, saya dibawa ke Sport Center TU Delft, headquarter sementara untuk penyambutan mahasiswa baru. Solusinya: saya diberi kunci hostel oleh orang international office dan malam itu saya diinapkan di hostel di Kanaalweg, di dekat kantor DUWO. Jadilah malam pertama saya di Belanda dihabiskan di DUWO student Hostel. Hiks…..Awal mula dari “hate-and-hate” relationship dengan DUWO (housing agency yang mengurus akomodasi mahasiswa TU Delft).

Ngomongin soal DUWO (DUVEL alias setan, nama samaran – siapa tahu saya bisa kena tuntut gara2 nulis ini hehe)…. terutama DUVEL Short Stay, pasti nama2 tempat ini tidak asing di telinga: Spacebox, container, roland hostlaan dan poptahoff – asrama2 mahasiswa di Delft. Sekilas mengenai DUVEL Short Stay, ini adalah perusahaan lintah darat yang memanfaatkan posisi tawar dia yang tinggi untuk menekan mahasiswa dengan harga sewa yang semena-mena dan aturan yang kaku. Lalu mahasiswa harus memutuskan apakah akan ikut tahun kedua dengan DUWO atau tidak 4 bulan sebelum kontrak berakhir. Dosa lainnya adalah membuat banyak mahasiswa tahun ke-2 homeless setelah tanggal 31 July (tanggal berakhirnya kontrak) ketika thesis lagi hectic-hecticnya. Saya rasa banyak mahasiswa yang punya pengalaman buruk sama DUVEL Short Stay sampai2 sempat ada Page di FB “say no to DUVEL” (atau judul yang mirip2).

Di kalangan mahasiswa Indonesia di Delft, spacebox dan container adalah satu kelurahan. Setiap kelurahan dikepalai oleh Lurah yang untuk wilayah Spacebox/Container dijabat oleh Mela. Buat yang nggak tahu container itu apa, container itu adalah salah satu dormitory mahasiswa yang berupa container yang ditumpuk-tumpuk. Tiap kontainer dikasih kamar mandi, ranjang, kasur, lemari, simsalabim jadilah kamar. Buat yang mau tahu pengalaman tinggal di kontainer bisa tanya ke Ivonne atau anak2 PLN


Selain itu ada juga kelurahan “Roland Holstlaad” dan “poptahoff”. Roland hostlaan sih dari segi kamar lumayan gede, jauh lebih bagus dibandingkan spacebox. Tapi, keamanan disitu kurang begitu bagus, terutama di tahun ajaran 2009/2010 yang diwarnai dengan beberapa kejadian pencurian di dorm ini. Poptahof sih agak aman, meskipun Enny pernah kecurian laptop (dan dia sempat ngeliat orang item gede keluar dari jendela nenteng laptop dia). Daerah Poptahof kurang lebih Bronx-nya Delft, keren kan?

Suasana rapat PPI Delft

Se-Bronx-Bronx-nya poptahof, sekretariat PPI Delft (Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Delft) terletak disini, di Popta 405. Kenapa disini? karena living room-nya lumayan gede buat rapat dan penghuninya (Hanim-Winnie) suka masak. Jadilah kalo ada rapat PPI Deft, pasti disini yang dilanjutkan dengan acara makan2. Tempat favorit juga kalo lagi pengen makan masakan indonesia dan males masak, tinggal telpon “Nim, masak apa malam ini?” sebelum meluncur ke Popta.

Kalau tinggal di Poptahoff dan Roland Hostlaan, butuh waktu 10 menit bersepeda mencapai kampus TU Delft, salah satu poin minus tinggal di dua kelurahan ini. Poin plusnya: dekat dengan mall terbesar dan satu-satunya di Delft: “de Hoven Passage” yang kalau ditunjukin ke orang Indo yang baru pertama kali ke Delft pasti langsung dikomentarin “Ini mall???” sambil dahinya berkerut. Begini-begini, de Hoven Passage ini punya satu tempat yang paling OK buat belanja: supermarket C1000.

Di seberang jalan ada saingan C1000, Albert Heijn, atau yang lebih dikenal dengan nama AH (baca: A Ha). Oom Albert Heijn ini adalah salah satu wiraswasta terkenal di Belanda, jika Amerika punya Sam Walton (pendiri Walmart) maka Belanda punya Albert Heijn. Jika C1000 warnanya Dutch banget – oranye. Warna kebanggaan AH adalah biru agak muda. Satu hal lagi yang menbedakan AH dengan C1000 adalah AH mempunyai discount card. Keliatannya sih baik, ngasih diskon untuk barang-barang tertentu. Tapi sebenarnya AH pengen ngeliat pola belanja konsumennya untuk dibuat pemetaan buat marketing mereka (kata Prof. Kleinknect sih gitu).

Di deket de Hoven ini ada Polat, yang menyediakan daging halal untuk teman2 yang muslim. Saya ke polat bisa dihitung sama jari, palingan kesana cuman buat beli santan, wong daging selalu beli di C1000. Kecuali pas ada potluck party anak2 MOT, dagingnya pasti mesti beli disini. Toko ini pulalah yang pernah menolak Lucky (anjing-nya Kim) masuk. Gimana ya perasaan mereka? *langsung simpati sama Lucky*

Mau ke bank? di sebelah AH ini ada ABN AMRO, yang ada kerjasama dengan TU Delft sehingga semua mahasiswa asing otomatis terdaftar di bank ini. Selain ABN AMRO Martinus Nijhoflaan ini masih ada ABN AMRO di centrum. Tempat saya dan salah satu coach yang lain duduk-duduk dan nongkrong sambil nunggu mahasiswa angkatan 2009 melewati tempat yang kami “jaga”. Seinget saya sih ABN hanya ada dua di Delft.

Basically, semua kebutuhan hidup bisa didapatkan di tempat berjarak radius 10 menit bersepeda, kecuali IKEA dan Oriental Xotus yang mesti naik sepeda 20-an menit. IKEA rasanya hampir semua orang sudah tahu dan beberapa teman yang balik ke Indonesia rasanya kangen main2 ke IKEA. Oriental Xotus itu salah satu toko Asia di Delft. Basically kita bisa menemukan banyak bumbu masak indonesia, meskipun saya kesana hanya untuk beli Sambal ABC, Indomie, bumbu instan dan tempe titipan temen (seumur2 belum pernah beli tempe buat dikonsumsi sendiri disini ;p). Kalo kurang lengkap, tinggal ke Oriental Den Haag, gampang kan? Intinya soal makanan Indonesia, di Belanda pasti hampir semua ada. Seorang teman pernah berkata “kalau sampai di Den Haag nggak ada bumbu masak etc nggak ada, bisa dijamin u nggak akan nemu barang itu di Eropa”.

Ngomongin soal makanan: masih ada beberapa toko kebab: Vatan yang di depan de Hoven, Vatan yang di deket library, dan satu kebab lagi yang di deket Nieuwe Kerk, di sebelahnya Daily Wok. Ada satu tempat kebab lagi di deket kanal yang penjualnya pernah marahin Ramanda gara2 minum coca-cola yang dibawa dari luar. (ada tempat kebab lagi nggak ya?).

Kalau kebab bisa dijamin kehalalannya, mau yang dijamin keharamannya juga ada. Pom Lai di Rotterdamsweg punya beraneka macam masakan dengan bahan dasar babi. Mau babi dimasak cara apapun, rasanya ada di Pom Lai, tempat favorit si Fredy (flatmate) abis kebaktian gereja hari minggu. Sampai2 tante Pom Lai hafal jam berapa Fredy akan nongol, menurut pengakuan Fredy. Fredy inilah yang berhasil membuat Julian (flatmate jg) dan saya akhirnya belanja makanan jg ke Pom Lai, meskipun tidak sesering Fredy. Saking cintanya sama Pom Lai, “The Last Supper”nya Fredy sebelum dia ke Univ of Michican (buat nyelesaikan thesis) dirayakan di Pom Lai.

Sebelum mengunjungi Pom Lai, penghuni balpol 462 pasti lagi kebaktian di ISC. International Student Chaplaincy/Church ini salah satu gereja di Delft. Masih banyak gereja lainnya sih: Levendwater, Oude Kerk, Nieuwe Kerk, DCF alias FMC, dkk. Pertama-tama tinggal di Delft, gereja ke Levendwater, alias air hidup bareng2 Benaya, Rahmadi dan Ronald Halim. Sama kadang2 juga sering ngeliat Boim. Gereja ini bi-lingual: Belanda dan Inggris, tapi sayangnya terlalu pagi buat hari minggu, jam 10.00. Akhirnya sering telat dan memutuskan untuk ke ISC, yang mulainya jam 11.45. Selain ISC masih ada lagi Oude Kerk, dulu pernah kebaktian sama anak2 PLN disini, sekali. Gerejanya sih gede, tapi ruangan kebaktiannya kecil banget. Satu gereja lagi Fullgospel Mission Church – DCF (nggak tau singkatan apa, D rasanya buat Delft) yang terletak di deket Wilhelmina Park. Artinya cuman satu: relatif lebih jauh dibandingkan ISC atau Levenwater. Akhirnya jarang kesini deh, kecuali pas ada acara penting. Lagian dari semua gereja2 ini ISC lebih klop dari segi khotbah yang damai (zzz) dan lagu2. Plus deket stasiun, kalo pengen ke Den Haag atau Rotterdam kan tinggal ngesot :D.

Levend Water

Sekali waktu Rev. Waltraut ngomong bahwa imam mesjid Turki (apa moroko ya?) mengundang jemaat ISC untuk buka puasa bersama. Nanti kumpul jam berapa gitu di Voorstrat 60 atau langsung ngumpul mesjid. Berhubung dari Balpol lebih deket ke mesjid, saya langsung dateng dong ke mesjid. Eh, disana ternyata nggak ada pendeta. Nunggu2, masih nggak datang lagi, sama penyambut tamu diminta ke ruangan khusus non-muslim. Mana tamu-tamu nonmuslim yang dateng itu orang2 partai politik dan cuman ada satu mahasiswa Erasmus Mundus yang kira2 umurnya ga beda jauh. Crap, sampai akhir ternyata Waltraut nggak dateng dan terpaksa berbasa-basi sama orang2 partai politik lokal paruh baya ini (ada Partai Hijau, etc, yang jelas partainya Geert Wilder nggak ada).

Mesjid Turki dan Mesjid Maroko merupakan tempat nongkrong favorit ketika buka puasa dari semua agama, tidak hanya islam. Yang jelas ada teman yang American-Israeli (sudah jelas Yahudi) sering nyari makanan gratisan disini. Makanan (gratis) rasa-rasanya bisa menjadi awal buat relasi yang lebih baik antara WN Israel dengan Turki/Maroko ;p. Kapan ya ada Mesjid Palestina? 😀

Ini kedua kalinya ke mesjid ini. Pertama kali buat potong rambut. Oh ya, pas masuk pertama kali ke ruangan potong rambut, udah kaya gudang senjata, di dinding dipajang koleksi senapan laras panjang si tukang cukur. Yang jelas di mesjid ini ada barber murah (lucu jg ya ada tukang potong rambut di dalam mesjid). Tapi yang nggak habis pikir mesjid di deket stasiun Holland HS, sebelahan sama sex shop. Intermezzo: saya pernah melihat sekelompok biarawati katolik lagi jalan-jalan di red light district.

At the end, meskipun Delft kota kecil, tapi barang2 disini lumayan lengkap, dan lokasi2nya lumayan dekat. Pas ngebandingin Delft dengan Jakarta, seolah-olah David versus Goliath gitu. Pas di Jakarta Desember kemarin mau nyari barang2 berkaitan dengan komputer, mesti ke Mangga dua, mana macet lagi :(…. di Delft tinggal sepedaan 10 menit ke Centrum, abis itu cari BCC (toko elektronik). Kalo nggak ada di BCC, bisa ke Den Haag, nyari ke media markt, dari Delft palingan cuman setengah jam buat ke centrum Den Haag. Mau belanja souvenir tinggal ke square di depan nieuwe kerk dan stadhuis. Tak jauh dari situ pun ada beestenmarkt, tempat kafe-kafe di Delft. Pas summer jadi tempat kongkow-kongkow dan pas winter jadi tempat ice skating. Dulu sih katanya beestenmarkt ini tempat penjagalan sapi, makanya ada patung sapi di tengah-tengah square ini. *info nggak penting*

Apa lagi ya yg belum ditulis tentang Delft?

*ditulis setelah 4 bulan meninggalkan Delft*

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