May 2011

Stonehenge Tour

Go by train and discover Stonehenge’s mysterious stones

Journey back in time to discover the World Heritage Site of Stonehenge; probably the most sophisticated stone circle in the world. As old as the pyramids of Egypt, Stonehenge exerts and enduring fascination. The giant stones have been here on Salisbury Plain for over 4000 years – magnificent, magical and mysterious.

Join the Stonehenge Tour at Salisbury station which takes you past the huge earthworks of Old Sarum, an Iron Age hill fort inhabited by Romans, Saxons and Normans. The tour then takes you to Stonehenge where you can learn more about the stones and why they might be there with a fascinating audio guide.

Your ticket allows you to hop-on and hop-off the tour bus and includes your entry toStonehenge.

Find out about other prehistoric monuments near Stonehenge on the World Heritage in the South West website.

Combined ticket savings

Find out how much you can save when you buy a combined rail and entry ticket toStonehenge. Just add the combined ticket price in bold to the cost of your rail ticket to Salisbury. You can find the cost of your rail ticket by using our online journey planner.

You can buy combined rail and entry tickets from our Customer Service Centre or from any staffed train station. Make sure you buy your combined rail and entry ticket before you get to Salsibury as the Stonehenge Tour can only sell you entry at the ‘on gate’ price.

‘On gate’
ticket price
Adult £18.00 £17.50
Child £9.00 £9.00

You can save money when you travel by train if you travel at off peak times with our Off Peakand Super Off Peak tickets. If there are 3 or 4 people travelling together you can save money with a GroupSave discount – 3 or 4 people travel, only 2 pay. If you’re travelling from London, you can get low cost travel from just £1 each way on selected journeys with megatrain.

Naik kereta api + bus + jalan kali ya? hehe

Depart Arrive Travel by Train company Duration
Guildford Station
Woking (Main)
Woking (Main)

Outward Journey (29 May 2011)

DepartArriveTravel byTrain companyDuration 10:27Guildford Station10:35Woking (Main)TrainSOUTH WEST TRAINS00h 0810:46Woking (Main)11:45SalisburyTrainSOUTH WEST TRAINS00h 59

Depart Arrive Travel by Train company Duration
Guildford Station
Woking (Main)
Woking (Main)
Depart Arrive Travel by Train company Duration
Woking (Main)
Woking (Main)
Guildford Station

Inward Journey (29 May 2011)

DepartArriveTravel byTrain companyDuration 17:27Salisbury18:28Woking (Main)TrainSOUTH WEST TRAINS01h 0118:35Woking (Main)18:44Guildford StationTrainSOUTH WEST TRAINS00h 09

Acara kemarin sore-malem…..
London again, third time in four days….

another event this friday in London, shall I move to London then? hehehe….

From: [] On Behalf Of
Sent: 17 May 2011 09:33
Subject: SPE Dinner Meeting TUESDAY 24th May: Flow Assurance, Completions, Resource Mgt, EOR

Dear members,

We would like to invite you and your colleagues to the May London Section evening meeting. We are very grateful to Roxar ( and to Hays ( for sponsoring this event.


Roxar’s reservoir management software includes the Tempest reservoir simulation suite, the ENABLE history matching and uncertainty analysis tool and the RMS geological modelling program. See for details.


Like the oil and gas industry Hays is a truly global organisation employing 8,000 people worldwide. The scale of our business does by no means dilute our consultant’s technical knowledge of specific sectors, which is very much illustrated by the geosciences and sub-surface arm. This encompasses 14 global consultants with the majority coming from industry back ground and all completing a vigorous technical training course to understand the requirements companies may have, from a seismic team leader to a principle development geologist.

Date: TUESDAY 24th May 2011

Pre-dinner talks: YP Technical Showcase

Time:5.00 pm – 6.30 pm

Talk1: Optimisation of a Flow Assurance Strategy for a Subsea Tieback

Speaker: Simon R. Davies, BP Sunbury

Talk2: Optimisation of Well Completion Design in the Presence of Reservoir Uncertainty

Speaker: Kamshat Ussenova, Reservoir Engineer, Schlumberger

Talk3: Integrating Value in Resource Management – A Framework for Better Decision-making.

Speaker: Omotayo Soyemi, Schlumberger


After-dinner talk

Time: 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm

Talk: EOR – The Time is Now: Its Contribution to World Oil Supply

Speaker Paul L. Bondor, SPE Distinguished Lecturer and Director, BonTech

Venue:The Geological Society of London, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1

Booking:, tel: 07736 070066, email
Cost £34 for SPE/PESGB/EI members, £44 non-members, £19 unemployed members.

Non-refundable £5 for students booking by Friday 20th May (£19 after).


Tim Lines

SPE London Section – Programme Chairman

Tel/Fax (+44) 2392 460136


BEFORE DINNER: 5.00 pm – 6:30 pm: “YP Technical Showcase”

Talk1: Optimisation of a Flow Assurance Strategy for a Subsea Tieback

Speaker: Simon R. Davies, BP Sunbury

The role of Flow Assurance is to ensure the successful and economic flow of hydrocarbon from a reservoir to the point of sale. A Flow Assurance strategy consists of a combination of design features and operational procedures that will deliver the required flow rate of the hydrocarbon in a way that is compatible with the upstream source and the downstream facilities, for both steady state and transient operations, throughout the life of the field. An effective flow assurance strategy requires an understanding of the physicochemical issues associated with the fluids, the prediction of the thermohydraulic behaviour in wells, flowlines and risers, and an understanding of the interactions between the multiphase production system, the reservoir and the downstream process over both short and long timescales.

In this example, the Flow Assurance strategy for an existing HPHT gas-condensate tieback is reviewed and optimised. Field data from the current operation is presented and used to validate transient multiphase flow predictions. The simulations are then used to assess the effectiveness of the current flow assurance strategy and to evaluate possible improvements. The steady state arrival temperatures and the associated cooldown times are assessed for a range of anticipated future flowrates and arrival pressures. Thermodynamic predictions for chemical hydrate inhibitor requirements are validated against laboratory data and then combined with transient multiphase flow simulations in order to optimise the injection rates and durations for restart.

Talk2: Optimisation of Well Completion Design in the Presence of Reservoir Uncertainty

Speaker: Kamshat Ussenova, Schlumberger

Horizontal wells with complex completion solutions improve drainage and increase recovery. It is vital to design completion configuration for efficient recovery of deepwater reserves. Critical decisions with regards to completion design require information that is only available after the well has been drilled. Consequently there is, at design time, a high degree of uncertainty, which presents unique challenges when planning the future exploration of a reservoir.

The talk will describe a novel approach, using an automated tool for optimization of completion design, in a framework that accommodates uncertainty and the decision maker’s tolerance to risk. It will demonstrate an integrated workflow, which incorporates geological uncertainty, economics and risk management, in addition to optimized completion design and operating strategy for efficient recovery of reserves.

AFTER DINNER: 7.30 pm-9.00 pm: “EOR – The Time is Now: Its Contribution to World Oil Supply”

Enhanced oil recovery is perceived to have a history of unfulfilled promise. However, both thermal and carbon dioxide flooding technologies have proven successful; surfactant and polymer flooding less so as a result of the sustained oil price collapse of the 1980s.

Forecasts of world oil demand and supply include both undiscovered resources and EOR as significant contributors. With a world resource of some 9 trillion barrels, and production of just 1.1 trillion barrels to date, EOR has the advantage of knowing where its resources are.

In addition, plans to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide provides an impetus for the implementation of CO2 sequestration projects – these can improve recovery factors worldwide, not just in the Permian Basin. Advances in polymer and surfactant flooding technology, and in oil field tools and techniques, make the application of those processes more robust.

EOR has not been present in the offshore; while applications present logistical as well as technical challenges, the offshore represents a large EOR opportunity.

To achieve and exceed the expectations of EOR’s contribution to supply, innovative political and commercial approaches are needed; for example, agreements regarding CO2 capture and transportation, NOCs and IOCs sharing the risk as well as the reward in EOR applications.

Key idea: Today’s EOR is not your grandfather’s EOR. It represents a major challenge and opportunity, and efforts to realize this opportunity need to begin now.

Paul Bondor retired from Shell after 35 years of technical and supervisory service. He has worked in EOR both in research ( including 5 years as head of EOR research in the Royal Dutch/Shell Group), and in operations, including thermal and CO2 miscible flooding projects, and in pilot tests of polymer and surfactants. He has experience in primary development and waterflooding, both onshore and offshore (including the deepwater GOM). He holds B.S., M.S., and PhD. degrees from Case Institute of Technology. He has authored 14 technical papers.



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8:00 am Holy Communion Nave
BCP said
10:00 am Matins Quire
Introit: Wood Haec dies
Responses: Smith
Canticles: Gibbons
Te Deum (Short Service)
Jubilate (Second Service)
The Venerable Dr Jane Hedges
Canon in Residence
11:15 am Sung Eucharist Quire
Setting: Vaughan Williams Mass in G minor
Motet: Messiaen
O sacrum convivium
The Reverend Michael Macey
Minor Canon and Precentor
3:00 pm Evensong Quire
Introit: Wood Haec dies
Responses: Smith
Canticles: Leighton Magdalen College Service
Anthem: Bainton And I saw a new heaven
The Reverend Dr Joanne Grenfell
Diocesan Director of Ordinands and Canon Residentiary, Sheffield Cathedral
5:45 pm Organ Recital Nave
James McVinnie
Assistant Organist
6:30 pm Evening Service Quire
said with hymns
The Reverend Andrew Tremlett
Canon of Westminster and Rector of St Margaret’s

Locations and details of services may change at short notice. Please check closer to the time you are visiting for the latest details.

Tahun lalu pernah ngerancang trip overland dari Delft ke Jakarta…… skrg masih mengumpulkan uang…. Berhubung skrg udah tinggal di Inggris, rencana harus diubah nih, tapi masih banyak pertimbangan huhuhu…. plus mental belum siap jalan sekitar 5-6 bulan sendirian…

Guildford – London – Brussel – Delft – Zurich – Munich – Salzburg – Prague – Krakow – Warsawa – Vilnius – Riga – Talinn – Helsinik – St. Petersburg – Transiberian Railway – Vladivostok – Harbin – Beijing – Chengdu – ChongQing – Lhasa – Yunan – Hanoi – Da Nang – Ho Chi Minh – Phnom Penh – Siem Reap – Vientianne – Chiang Rai – Bangkok – Hat Yai – KL – Singapore – Pekanbaru – Palembang – Lampung – Jakarta

huaaaahhhhhh….. project gede dan butuh dana gede *sambil ngeliat tabungan*

June 2010

Sun, 1 June 2010 – Stirling, Scotland
Mon, 2 June 2010 – Isle of Skye and Highland Tour
Tue, 3 June 2010 – Isle of Skye and Highland Tour
Wed, 4 June 2010 – Isle of Skye and Highland Tour
Thu, 5 June 2010 – Glasgow, Scotland, balik ke London
Fri, 6 June 2010 – Pagi sampai london, tepar seharian
Sat, 7 June 2010 – London, ke tempat Tia-Robby
Sun, 8 June 2010 – Tepar
Sat, 14 June 2010 – Kew Garden + reuni sama Jullietta di London,
Sun, 15 June 2010 – The Church + Camden Markets

Sat, 21 June 2010 – London Tower (checked) + makan malam bareng Shenny dan Adel di Chinatown (C&R)
Sun, 22 June 2010 – Leicester Square, janjian sama Tanti + Tia-Robby (Batal, Tia-Robby sakit), -> diganti kebaktian di Westminster Abbey + Science Museum
Tue, 24 June 2010 – Denmark Embassy, apply visa
Sat, 28 June 2010 – Chelsea Flower Festival
Sun, 29 June 2010 – Windsor Castle + Eton
Mon, 30 June 2010 – Stonehenge + Salisbury

London, 14 May 2011

“OMG, I can’t believe it’s been five years” kata Jullietta. “4.5 years Jules…. this September will be five years…. time flies” timpal saya….
Tak terasa sudah 4.5 tahun kami tak berjumpa, setelah program kami selesai, bisa dibilang komunikasi hanya bisa melalui dunia maya, entah email atau MSN Massanger, Tahun lalu Jullietta adalah salah satu dari beberapa key person yang mem-proof-read thesis saya, ditengah-tengah kesibukan dia. A friend in need is a friend indeed”.

Di Pub “Ring” yang terletak di depan tube station SouthWark kami reunian sambil mengenang “good old times”. Jullietta dan Julius (temannya yg kerja di London) mengenang masa-masa mereka bekerja di Australia, sedangkan Jullietta dan saya mengenang masa-masa di UEC. “Time flies”…. benar sekali…..tak terasa sudah 4.5 tahun.

Percakapan kami lebih banyak ke kabar-kabar teman2 seangkatan kami. Kami ber-14 sudah memilih jalan hidup kami masing-masing. Jullietta setahun terakhir ini bekerja di Montplier (Prancis) sebagai guru bahasa Inggris dan ke Inggris selama seminggu untuk liburan sebelum back for good ke Australia. Setelah masa-masa di UEC selesai, Jullietta kembali ke Australia untuk menyelesaikan kuliah dia dan sempat bekerja di kantor paten di Korsel, meng-improve kemampuan bahasa korea dia. Bahasa Inggris dia yang bercita-rasa Korea masih tidak berubah, selalu memperpanjang syllable terakhir di setiap kalimat.

Road trip saya dengan Dmitri juga menjadi topik pembicaraan kami. Bisa dibilang Jullietta adalah orang ke-2 di angkatan kami yg reuni sama saya, setelah reunian sama Dmitri dua tahun lalu. Tentang Dmitri, saat ini dia udah kerja di California, setelah bekerja selama beberapa tahun di Estonia. Anak yang paling muda di angkatan kita, sekaligus yang paling dekat dengan alam.

Kemana yah yang lain?

Hugo termasuk yang sering chatting sama saya, setelah lulus sampai sekarang kerja di Mexico. Lebih mature dibanding masa2 kita di UEC. Saya masih ingat ketika dia merendahkan bbrp mahasiswi Malaysia yang bodynya bongsor alias gemuk. “Avalanche, avalance” ketika cewek2 ini jatuh pas latihan ski….. tapi sekarang sudah jauh lebih mature.

Ramon udah punya dua anak. Sempat mampir ke blog saya (entah dari mana dia dapet alamatnya) dan menulis “F*ck you Man, WHERE IS MEXICO !!!!!!!!???????” di bagian komentar tentang negara2 yang akan saya kunjungi di lima tahun mendatang. Walhasil, Mexico langsung ditambahkan ke list. Tadi sempet ngomongin sama Jullietta gimana kalau ngatur waktu buat nge-trip ke Mexico. Becanda-an sama temen-temen yang lain sih tahun 2015 kita mau bikin reuni akbar di Meksiko, tapi berhubung tahun 2012 katanya udah kiamat, Ramon ngusulin ketemuannya di salah satu gunung di China hahaha….

Satu lagi yang udah punya anak: Nayeli. Sempet kerja di Amrik, tapi sekarang tampaknya konsentrasi jadi full-time mom. Kadang-kadang aja chatting di MSN kalo kebetulan kami berdua lagi online. Penasaran, setelah sekian lama, dia masih jago dansa/nari nggak ya?

Dari China ada empat orang: Xiaoxin, Yu Ling, Depp dan Maggie.

Xiaoxin sekarang lagi di Bonn, bbrp bulan lalu sempet saling nanya kabar each other. Kayanya lagi tugas kantor. Dari Juanda sempet denger kabar Xiaoxin sempet koma selama beberapa hari gara2 stress, entahlah dia mikirin apa. Sekali waktu dia nanya tentang kemungkinan mengunjungi Jakarta ketika dia lagi tugas kantor di Malaysia.

Yu Ling sekarang udah kerja di Shanghai. Udah lama banget nggak chat sama dia. Yang jelas FB udah pasti nggak mungkin buat jadi sarana komunikasi gara2 di-blok di China

Maggie, cewek paling rajin di angkatan kami ini berhasil menembus Todai, gila bener deh usaha dia buat nembus todai. Yang jelas dia adalah anak yang nggak balik ke negara asal, kuliah S2 dia di china dilepas dan dia akhirnya terdaftar jadi mahasiswi Todai. Plok plok

Depp, terakhir denger kabar dia di Tokyo. Katanya sih kerja.

Satu-satunya anak Thailand di angkatan kami, Ta, sudah balik ke Thailand lagi. Abis balik dari UEC, dia selesaikan kuliah dia, lalu kembali lagi ke Jepang buat S2. Paling mungkin ngunjungin Ta, secara dia tinggal di Bangkok, bisa dikunjungi kalau saya balik ke Jakarta buat liburan, mampir lah 3 hari di Thai.

Colin udah balik ke Australia, satu-satunya yang kisah cintanya akan berakhir indah, tidak seperti beberapa pasangan di angkatan kami yangkisah cintanya tidak berakhir bahagia. *nggak akan dibahas di post ini, membuka luka lama soalnya ;)*. Colin sekarang udah tunangan sama Ayumi dan udah melewati 5 tahun masa pacaran. Rasanya tinggal nunggu undangan aja :D. Ayumi juga skrg nyusul Colin ke Brisbane, ngambil S2 di almamater-nya Colin. Cewek Jepang emang patut diteladani dalam hal pengorbanan demi pacar.

Dua anak Taiwan di angkatan kami. Yo dan Jack punya cerita masing-masing. Yo udah merit sama cewek Jepang (no surprise) dan foto2 wedding mereka bagus banget, Kalau ketemu mereka berdua, pasti jepangnya udah jago, udah pasti lah, pas masuk aja mereka udah level intermediate. Bener juga kata sensei, paling cepet cara belajar bahasa itu dengan punya pacar cewek Jepang.

Jack, masih tetap aneh seperti dulu. Status-nya Missing in Actian, and he’ll be missing in action in the future. Nggak nyambung deh anaknya

Capek, pengen tidur, besok janjian ketemuan Jullietta lagi di the Church. Army dress code, pake apa ya?

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