This is the first version of “About” this blog.
It was written in Delft, 23 April 2010.
Since now it’s already a year, I will update it.


Why the blog name is Ronarudo? The reason is it’s my name pronounced by Japanese. So if you learn Japanese, you know my real name. At this moment I still finishing my master degree in The Netherlands, in one of the oldest technical university here, TU Delft.

Let’s talk about my blogging history. Actually this is my third blog. My first one is in MSN Spaces, during my stay in Japan. Then I switch to multiply when I back to Indonesia and continue when I go to The Netherlands. Now I move to wordpress because I can make better category. I managed to moved all my post from MSN spaces to this blog, but failed to move my multiply. Does anyone can move multiply to wordpress?

This blog is divided into three big themes: (1) Traveling, (2) Study Life, and (3) Personal Life. First, traveling: because I like to travel. Let’s count, up to this moment I have visited 24 countries and I can say that all of those countries is related to “studying”. Second, study life is related to my study in those universities. Third, Personal Life, well actually it’s when I was working and something that does not fit in those (1) and (2).

Fror doing (1) Traveling, I did it through education or (2) study life. I finished my bachelor degree in ITB (Indonesia). During my study in ITB, I joined International Summer School in University of Dortmund (Germany) and an exchange program, Japanese University Studies in Science and Technology in The University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo (Japan). Then, I continue my master degree in TU Delft (The Netherlands). When I was here I joined ATHENS Program in ParisTech in my third semester. Actually these studies just a stepstone to help me traveling around the world. My traveling time outside Indonesia is only when I am in “study life”, so…. keep on studying 😉

I think that’s all. I will update this “About Page” somewhere in the future.

Delft, 23 April 2010