Residence permit: 1st application

When you arrive in the Netherlands you need to go to the Town Hall to get registered in the Municipal Base Administration. The application for a residence permit needs to be handed in at the IND in Eindhoven (on appointment only).
The DPO-Expertiseteam will arrange this appointment for you.

Legal fees (to be paid at IND Eindhoven).

For assistance in completing the application form and in gathering the necessary documents you can get in touch with the DPO Expertiseteam.

The IND will notify you on the decision and in case of a positive decision you will need to wait until you receive an invitation from the IND Eindhoven to collect the residence card. This takes about 3 weeks.

What in case you need to go travel to another country before you have received your residence permit?
See information about return visa

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Residence permit: Extension

About 3 months before date of expiry of your residence card the IND will send you a set of application forms for the extension of your residence card. It is a very short form and you will only need to sign it and provide it with a new passport photo.
It is recommended to apply for an extension at least 12 weeks before your residence card expires !!

If you did not receive the application form or when you know, in an earlier stage, that you are going to need an extension (f.e. your supervisor has told you that you get an extension of your contract of employment) you can contact your HR services. In this case you will need to send more documents to IND (have a look at the checklist below).

More information:

Legal fees (to be paid by acceptgiro)

Extension of residence permit in relation to application for a new work permit
When also a new work permit needs to be applied for by TU/e, we need proof that you applied for an extension of your residence permit. This proof can be:

  • Acceptgiro sent to your home address by the IND. The acceptgiro is the bill for the payment of the legal fees. It can take some time before you receive this acceptgiro. When you receive it please give a copy to the DPO Expertiseteam.
  • A sticker in your passport. This sticker is a so-called “Verblijfsaantekening“. When you do not want to wait for the acceptgiro you can make an appointment with the IND Eindhoven (teleph.: 0900-1234561) to get this sticker in your passport.

What if you need to travel outside the Netherlands and you are still waiting for the new residence permit?
See information about return visa

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Residence permit: Change of residence status

In case your residence status changes you need to apply for a new residence permit
!! please note that you do not have to apply for an extension !!

Examples of change of status:

  • You were already in the Netherlands as a student, but now you are going to work as an employee
  • You were an employee and you want to apply for “residence with partner/husband/wife”
  • You are going to work for a new employer. Important: if you were a knowledge migrant (e.g. in a company) and if you will be a knowledge migrant again at TU/e, you can extend your residence permit, there’s no need to change your status!

If you are about to change your status to “knowledge migrant” or to “researcher EU-richtlijn” please turn to the expertiseteam as they have to complete the application form. In other cases, please visit IND’s website and select the following form: “Aanvraag verblijfsvergunning regulier zonder MVV of wijziging verblijfsdoel“. After completing the form you need to hand it to IND Eindhoven (on appointment only).

Legal fees (in most cases TU/e will advance those fees for you. They will be deducted from your salary later.)

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Combination visa and Return visa

What is a combination visa (or D+C visa)
A combinationvisa is a combination of an MVV and a Schengen visa. The Schengen visa part is the visa that allows you to travel in and out the Netherlands during 3 months after your arrival in the Netherlands. With this visa you have entrance to all the Schengen countries.

When you know in time that you are going to travel outside the Netherlands shortly after your arrival, it is wise to inform the Dutch embassy/consulate-general that you want to have a D+C visa. There however is a possibility that the embassy/consulate-general wants you to show proof of a travel insurance (incl. repatriation) which covers a minimum amount of € 30.000,-. In some cases the embassy/consulate-general will consult alll the Schengen countries whether they agree with you travelling in their country.
Please ask a “multiple entry” visa. You will be able to travel back into the Netherlands more than once.

What is a return visa and who needs it?
A return visa allows you to travel back into (or to return into) the Netherlands.

Everyone who has applied for a residence permit or for an extension of it and is still awaiting for the decision in principle needs a return visa when he needs to travel outside the Netherlands.
Exception to this rule are all persons who have the nationality of one of the EU-countries (incl. Swiss persons).

How can you apply for a return visa and what does it cost?
You need to call the IND (phonenumber 0900-1234561, option 2, option 3 to check out whether you are eligible for a return visa.

When you are eligible an appointment will be made for you to get the return visa. Please note that you will need to travel to Rwijswijk, Zwolle or Hoofddorp to get the visa.

Cost of the visa: € 40,-

Criteria to get a returnvisa when you are waiting for your first residence permit:

  • You need to travel outside the Netherlands for emergency reasons (f.e. diseasing or serious illness of family members)
  • You are waiting for the decision on your residence permit for more than 6 months.

However there can be a difference between the theory and the practice. As far as students and labour migrants are concerned the above mentioned criteria are not used very strictly. Per individual applying for the visa the IND will make an assessment whether the visa will be issued or not.

There are NO criteria to get a returnvisa when you are waiting for the decision on the extension of your residence permit.

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Work permit

If you are from a non-EU country you are only allowed to work on the basis of a work permit. There are some exceptions to this rule:

  • if you are a “knowledge migrant” or a “researcher EU-richtlijn”
  • if you receive a scholarship from a Dutch or EU organisation
  • if you are a visiting professor for less than 1 year.

Who will apply for the work permit?
TU/e will apply for it at UWV WERKbedrijf.

What will be the validity of the work permit?
It depends on your job and on the duration of your appointment. For instance: guest lecturers: maximum of 1 year

When your contract will be extended and when you still need a work permit, please get in touch with the DPO Expertiseteam.