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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say hi to you all because I’m happy to be alive after my little adventure in China and NOrth Korea. Here’s the story and you’ll understand why. This is just the short version I’m planning to write a longer one some day.
I went to China with a friend who is studying in China as an exchange student from as an exchange student, *deleted*.

K and I were held at gun point by North Koreans when we went to Dandong (the place which shares a border with China). We were playing on the frozen river which acts as a natural border.
I decided to climb up the banks onto the other side to have a closer look because everything looked so peaceful. There was a tiny hut about 20 metres away but it looked dead.
As we were walking back to go back to China, *deleted* screamed “there’s a man climbing the fence”.
I turned around and sure enough there was an army officer clibing the fence.
Next thing I know there are 3 guys with rifles grabbing us and telling us to climb the fence to North Korea.

After wasting a lot of time ( I didn’t want to get over the fence) they were screaming yelling pointing the rifle at us .
One took my bag and threw it over.
We finally decided to go over.
They held us for about 5 hours acking questions about our family (checking that we weren’t spies) but they were very nice to us. They actually seemed to be very curious about us.
Anyway they eventually let us go back over the fence to China.

*deleted* safe in South Korea