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Yes!Delft Nieuwsbrief
5 / 7 / 2010
YES!Delft Students Nieuwsbrief
“At YES!Delft Students I feel a great atmosphere. Creativity takes over and when I reluctantly leave, my mind is full of new ideas!” – Titiaan Palazzi, Student TU Delft
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yesdelft_punt.jpg New cycle of ‘Writing a Business Plan – Ready to Start-Up?’
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yesdelft_punt.jpg Honours Course Starting New Ventures
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YES!Delft Students News
This will be our last newsletter before the summer. In August the new board will take over and keep you up to date on all entrepreneurial activities in and around Delft.

YES!Delft Students encourages and supports motivated students who wish to expand their horizons in the dynamic field of entrepreneurship. Students are always welcome to drop by our office with any questions they may have about entrepreneurship.

New cycle of ‘Writing a Business Plan – Ready to Start-Up?’
In September the first round of the course ‘Writing a Business Plan – Ready to Start-Up?’ will start. This course is for students and PhD-students who are planning to start their own business. The course is meant to guide the students through the first phase of starting up a new venture, in which a well-written business plan is essential for entrepreneurial success.
For more information and registration visit the website.
In need for an extra team member, go to this discussion.
New cycle of ‘Writing a Business Plan – Ready to Start-Up?’
Want to join a Committee?
In February 2010 the first two YES!Delft Students committees were founded: The “Entrepreneurs Club” and the “Lecture Committee”. 10 committee members worked very hard and the committees and events they organized were a great success. Read more about their activities here.

Now it’s time to pass on what they have achieved and expand. Do you want to be a part of an enthusiastic and entrepreneurial environment? Do you want to join a group of eager students from various faculties? Do you want to organize entrepreneurial and inspirational events in a professional setting?
We are looking for entrepreneurial students to join YES!Delft Students committees in 2010-2011, starting September/October 2010.

Interested and want to be informed? Send an email to: studentboard

Want to join a Committee?
Honours Course Starting New Ventures
The honours course Starting New Ventures gives insights in starting new ventures on a global scale. This honours course is given by Professor Kenneth P. Morse, former Managing Director of the MIT Entrepreneurship Center. During the course experienced entrepreneurs and guest lecturers will share their tips and tricks in an interactive environment. Real life, proprietary case studies of Harvard Business School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will be used during the course. The participants will be triggered to reach their full potential as an entrepreneur. More information about the course can be found here.

The course starts in October and will take place during Q1- Q2 2010.

Interested in this course? Send your resume and (short) motivational letter to snv before the 26th of September.

Honours Course Starting New Ventures
New building
In July YES!Delft & YES!Delft Students will move to Molengraaffsingel 12-14, Delft. After a successful year YES!Delft Students will get a separate wing in the new building of YES!Delft. The office of YES!Delft Students will consist of the board room, work space, meeting area and leisure area. Next to that the new building will also hold a lecture room. In the future all activities from YES!Delft Students will be coordinated from this magnificent location. You are always more than welcome to drop by our new office for a cup of coffee. New building
New website
In June, YES!Delft Students launched its new website. The site is a lot more dynamic and interactive which will make sure that you are always have the latest news. Are you interested in entrepreneurship? Keep an eye on our website to make sure you are up to date on all entrepreneurial news in Delft. We will also inform you about activitites of our partners.

Take a look at

New website
YES!Delft Students is an initiative of YES!Delft
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