Subject: [BEST Career Newsletter] How to prepare for selection procedure
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2010 10:34:29 +0200

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How to prepare for selection procedure

An entire selection procedure from a company is the chance for both the company and the applicants to find out whether the company and the job is the right choice for you. It’s as much your opportunity to learn about the company as it is our opportunity to learn all about you.

Here you can find everything you need to know about the selection procedure of ING – ING Talent Programme (ITP) selection procedure.

Although there are no set rules on how to prepare for the different stages of the ITP selection process, we think that some advice can help you succeed.

Tips and Tricks

Know what you?re applying for

Visit us at one of our events and read the website ( carefully. Note that you can only apply for one programme. If you are not sure about which programme suits you best, please contact one of our recruiters. They can answer the questions you might have.

Write a good motivation letter

Your motivation is an important part of your application. Make sure that your application letter clearly explains your motivation for applying for ING, the ING Talent Programme in general and of course your specific track. Also explain briefly why you think you have the skills and competencies we are looking for. Be careful not to make your letter too long!

Prepare for the online assessment

Make sure you practice with online ability tests before starting the actual test. You can check the website of SHL ( ) to find more information about our online assessment. Before you start make sure your internet connection is working and that you have all the energy you need to perform!

Review the ITP competencies

Once you’ve passed the online assessment you’ll be invited for a selection interview. Please take some time to review the different competencies we are looking for to make sure you can share all your relevant knowledge and experiences.

Review the STAR technique

The selection interview is structured along the STAR technique which stands for Situation, Tasks, Actions and Results. This means that during the interview we intend to learn about your experiences and past behaviour to find out if this matches with the competencies we are looking for. Therefore, the more concrete and concise your examples, the more persuasive you will be!

Assessment Centre

The assessment centre usually takes half a day and will require quite some energy. Please make sure you are well rested. Think again about the feedback you possibly received during your selection interview so you can build on this advice during your assessment.

Business Interview and Board Panel

Our senior business managers will check if ING is without a doubt the right choice for you. During these final steps of the selection procedure it is up to you to convince them! As they will have full knowledge of your resume, your motivation letter, your test scores and your performance during the assessment, make sure that you also know this content so you’ll be able to answer their questions adequately.

Advice for Technical Students

Of course for students with Technical background, it’s very important to show your interest in Financial Services Industry. Make sure you know about the industry that you are applying for, and make a connection from your education or experience towards the Financial Services Industry. This way you can convince us in a better way that you are a good candidate!

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