Teori Konspirasi dibalik kekalahan italia……

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International Conspiracy, a pil of Italo-Slovakian mafia
hopefully it’s not true, and we just suck..

(the Italian Football Federation) was paid off by Berlusconi to
ensure that Italy lost the World Cup. In play are two nuclear power stations in Slovakia bought
out by Enel (italian energy company).

The Slovak government was facing harsh public criticism for once again allowing nuclear power stations in its territory to be re-commissioned, plants dating back to the Chernobyl era, and that in a Country that can’t even get differentiated refuse collection right.

The hope was that a World Cup victory for Slovakia would annul any opposition within the Country. According to our sources, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico apparently secretly negotiated the defeat of the Italian National Team with Frattini well before his departure for South Africa. That is the only way to explain those apparently inexplicable decisions to leave Cassano, Balotelli, Totti and Borriello out of the team and to rather choose the entire Juventus defence backline, one of the worst of the entire championship.

Onto the field went holograms of past football players like Cannavaro, the Condor of the Chilean Andes, and the son of the custodian of Mirafiori, Marchisio. What with Iaquinta and his classic flashing nose acting as point of reference for the opposing team, and an unknown youngster as goalkeeper who was terrorized by every shot that came his way, it was a bit like a rabbit facing a cobra. Our National Team tried in vain to get beaten by Paraguay and New Zealand.

Notwithstanding their most valiant attempts, they were nevertheless unsuccessful. The team gave its all in the last game, with all the team’s players acting like pillars of salt. De Rossi’s free passes to the Slovak front line players and Cannavaro’s defence corridors were decisive factors in the game. However, Berlusconi left traces of his shady deal all over the place. The most obvious of these were his absence from the farewell party at Palazzo Chigi for the players departing for the World Cup Tournament, as well as other lesser episodes, such as the various attacks on the players by “Radio Padania” and certain Lega Nord

All the clues were clearly visible, but Lippi failed to take them into account. He was blissfully ignorant about what was going on, just like at the time of the “Calciopoli” scandal, and he was completely sure that his was the best possible National Team. The National Team’s demise is actually good news because now the politicians can no longer use soccer to draw the attention of the masses away from the economic destruction of this Country. “South Africa and clouds, oh how it makes me want to cry…”

rumours says that at these conditions fabio grosso, always playing in the qualifying matches, standed up and left the group.