Tue, Jun 15, 2010 — tud-org-intstud-snaps: Inaugural speech prof. Martin de Jong starts earlier!!!!!

Because of the eighth finals of the World championship soccer, planned on June 29, we will start the meeting at an earlier time. We’ll start at 14.30 h. and finish at 16.00 h.. Afterwards it’s possible to enjoy the match at the podium and watch it on television (with a drink and a snack).

Professor Martin de Jong has been appointed as a professor of Management at the Harbin Institute of Technology, China on april 21st 2009.

On Tuesday 29th June Martin will provide us with the highlights of his inaugural speech entitled: “The pros and cons of Confucian values in infrastructure development”

His speech will be followed by a panel discussion, led by Frenk vd Linden.
In this debate we will reflect on the ‘secret’ of China: why are the Chinese so much more capable of decision making and actually creating new infrastructure, whereas the Dutch are only capable of talking about infrastructure? Or is this a false image? What can the Dutch learn from the Chinese or vice versa?

The members of the panel are:
– Dirk Jan vd Berg, president of TU Delft’s executive Board and former ambassador in China
– Bettine Vriesekoop, former correspondent of NRC Handelsblad in China and professional table tennis player
– Martin de Jong, professor in Harbin
Directly after the debate there will be opportunity to congratulate Martin de Jong and to exchange thoughts with the members of the panel.

We look forward to seeing you on this occasion 29th June 2010 | 14:30 h. – 16:00 h.
Venue: Room A, Jaffalaan 5, Delft (Campus TU Delft) Admission is free, but please let us know you will attend: L.degroot-charite@tudelft.nl <mailto:L.degroot-charite@tudelft.nl>

With kind regards, Laura de Groot