Wed, Jun 09, 2010 — tud-org-intstud-snaps: Opportunity to sublet DUWO houses

Opportunity to sublet DUWO houses

So far subletting was not possible. TU Delft has requested DUWO to start a pilot project for one year, starting September 1, 2010. The subletting pilot is strictly meant for and limited to renewed master student contracts. The pilot includes the following:

TU Delft students will be allowed to sublet their room if they move from Delft farther than 50 km. for an internship. There will be at least three conditions:

1. Before subletting your accommodation you must have been living there for at least two months.(Grey area below)

2. After subletting you should live in your accommodation yourself for at least two months before your contract ends. (Grey area below)

3. The period of subletting does not exceed 6 months (white area below)

Contract starts Subletting period Contract ends 2 months not longer than 6 months 2 months

The conditions will be set and finalized by DUWO in due course.

We hope this information will help international students who will have to do an internship next academic year.

Moreover, this might assist students who need to extend their stay at TU Delft for a few more months to conclude their studies. The suggested platform for supply and demand of accommodation is:

Elco van Noort, Head International office TU Delft