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Sent: Wednesday, June 2, 2010 14:40:18
Subject: tud-org-intstud-snaps: FridayNights: It’s Magic

For years, magic has been Arvind’s passion. He has appeared on Dutch national television on ‘De Nieuwe Uri Geller’ show, and with over 6 years of study and hundreds of hours of performance experience, the magical journeys Arvind takes you on is something you have to experience to believe. His fun and original presentations provide you with entertainment that will be remembered for a very long time.

Arvind presents his unique show entitled “An Evening Inside Your Mind” – a whole new breed of magic. He brings out the theatrical aspect of magic enveloped within astonishing effects that will take you over the edge. During this stage show, you will experience the art of mind reading, mind control, astounding memory feats, a prediction of the future, and much more! You’ll have to see this show to believe that anyone can actually… accomplish what Arvind does. You are invited to take an incredible journey into your past, present, and future and experience mystery, intrigue, fantasy, and the power of faith and love in this unbelievable 75 minute act. During the show, Arvind will pluck thoughts out of your mind, plant ideas into your brain, and cause your reality to shift in ways you never thought possible.

Friday June 4
21:00h @Culture
Free Entrance