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TU Delft Honours Class – Master – 2010-2011 1st semester, 5ECTS

Creativity in Science and Design
Creativity is cherished in science and in design. Top scientists and engineers have it. But how does creativity work? What does it take to become creative? What are the underlying mechanisms? And is it a rational process? Could there be a method of creativity? Can a computer mimic human creativity? We prize creativity, but we haven’t always done that. What does its history tell us?

This Honours course for DUT master students is multi-disciplinary: scholars from different disciplines will shed light on what creativity is, how it works, and where it comes from.

  • Sept. 7: The history of creativity. The Romantics.
    Drs. Arnold Heumakers – History, Amsterdam, NRC Handelsblad
  • Sept. 14: Psychological mechanisms underlying creativity.
    Dr. Matthijs Baas – Psychology, Amsterdam
  • Sept. 21: Creative computing. Can human creativity be mimicked by computers?
    Prof. Eric Postma – Artificial Intelligence, Tilburg
  • Sept. 28: Creativity as I see it. Practioners explain.
    Prof. Kees Vuik – Mathematics, Delft
    Dr. Paul Breedveld – Biomechanical engineering, Delft
    Prof. Michiel Riedijk – Architecture, Delft
  • Oct. 5: Is there a logic of creativity?
    Prof. Joke Meheus – Logic, Gent
  • Oct. 12: Integrative workshop. Business innovation, academic research and art.
    Dr. Frido Smulders – Industrial Design, Delft

This honours course is only open for excellent master student i.e. cum laude bachelors. There is room for 30 students. To subscribe and for more information please contact Dr. Jelle de Boer: