From: cvb
To: student
Sent: Wednesday, May 26, 2010 9:42:55
Subject: CvB bericht: stem vandaag voor de studentenraadverkiezingen (SR en FSR) – Executive Board Message: vote today for Student Council Elections (SR en FSR)

Executive Board Message

Vote today for the Student Council Elections (SR and FSR)

The voting will be organised via the Internet. You can vote electronically from

Wednesday 26th May 2009 9:00 hours until Thursday 27th May 2009 17:00 hours at:

To log in please make use of your NetID (just as you do with Blackboard). In particular make sure to check, before voting, that you are in fact using a protected connection and the correct Internet site.

You can do this by double clicking on the lock given in the (bottom right) status bar of your browser.

You will notice that certification has been given to “”.

Your browser should also give an Internet address that corresponds with the one given in this communication.

Student Council (SR) and the Faculty Student Council (FSR) are the students’ voice with university management. We asked you to respond to several statements, view the outcome here

Although there is one party to vote for, it is important that you vote: the more voters, the stronger your voice with the university. Click here to vote:

Election Board