Date: Wed, 12 May 2010 00:53:50 +0200
Subject: Sailing with BEST Delft
From: EE
To: Participant


Dear all,

Thank you for registering for our sailing event! Here is some useful information

Departure time and place:
Friday 14 May, at 9:10 in front of the station Delft
We will take together the train in the direction of Leiden and later a bus.
Please bring your train/bus cards with you.

10 Euro per person (boat rent).

Please pay in advance to our bank account:
Stichting LBG Delft

We reserved the boats depending on the number of the participants and cannot cancel them after a certain deadline. If you cannot attend due to unexpected circumstances, let us know as soon as possible, otherwise we shall ask you to pay the fee even you do not join.

What to bring:

  • Water, lunch sandwiches, snacks or anything else you wanna drink or eat during the day (there are no supermarkets on the lake :))
  • Appropriate clothes: Friday is expected to be sunny, but we are in Netherlands, anything can happen 🙂 Take a light rain jacket and sun hat with you.
  • Sun lotion: It might sounds funny, but you get easier tanned over the water. Be smart: prolonged sun exposure causes many skin malformations and early aging 🙂

Further details and a schedule of the day can be found in the attached information booklet.

Very excited to see you on Friday,

Phone: 0681486***

Main organizer:
Serge: 0618562***