Mon, May 03, 2010 — tud-org-intstud-snaps: Global Meeting Point

Global Meeting Point, Where East meets West and South meets North

The International Student Chaplaincy has the pleasure to invite you to the next GMP on Wednesday May 5th at Voorstraat 60, 18.30. The session is entitled:

Freedom, a love story

The concept of freedom is integrated with many milestones in the human history, from slave rebels against the Roman Republic, to the French Revolution, and more recently the liberation of Europe from Nazi Germany, the fall of colonialism and the civil right movements of African Americans. But, how do you look at the importance of freedom in your life and the world that you are living in? Are there any limits and dilemmas with the concept of freedom? What do you expect to change in this regard? How does your ideal free society look like? Do you see any conflict between the free will of individuals and the society’s freedom? How do you see the interaction between political and economical freedom?

Let’s meet and talk freely on our personal understanding of freedom and get the chance to have perspectives of the Global Meeting Point forum on this concept.

We start with a (free) Indonesian meal. Please, sign up for the meal by sending an e-mail to: wfstroh

Best regards, Denis Takeo Goto

Source: TU Delft BlackBoard – International Students