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Gaming: are you serious?

The next 4th Geomatics Guest Lecture is given by David Wortley from the Serious Game Institute.
The lecture is on Tuesday May the 4th, 8.45 – 10.30 in Room CT 4.98.

The guest lecture is part of the Geomatics course 3D GIS.

Abstract lecture:
Immersive technologies such as video games, virtual worlds and social media sites are having a major influence on shaping tomorrow’s society. Together, these technologies account for major investments in our discretionary time, attention and money. The convergence of these technologies with GIS and Geo-location applications is leading to major advances in the integration of physical and virtual spaces. This presentation will focus on these trends and examine some of the implications for the future of Geomatics.
David Wortley Mini Biography
David Wortley is Director of the Serious Games Institute (SGI) at CoventryUniversity. He is responsible for the development of the Institute as a global thought leader on the application of immersive technologies to serious social and economic issues such as education, simulation, health, commerce and climate change.

David is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) with a career which has embraced the converging and emerging technologies of telecommunications (Post Office Telecommunications), computing (IBM), digital media and community informatics (Mass Mitec) and the creative industries (De Montfort University). He is a serial entrepreneur and innovator with a passion for applying technology to social and economic development.
Website: Serious Game Institute

Source: TU Delft Blackboard – Students Faculty TPM