Quuen’s Day, hari ulang tahun Ratu Belanda. Sebenarnya ulang tahun Ratu Belanda yg bertahta sekarang bukannya 30 April, tapi di saat2 winter. Yang disebut sebenarnya berulang tahun pada tanggal 30 April ini Ratu sebelumnya, alias ibunya Ratu Belanda sekarang. Berhubung tanggal 30 April termasuk spring dan cuacanya lebih bagus dari winter. Perayaan ini tanggalnya tetap 30 April.

Queen’s day tahun ini merupakan yang pertama buat saya, karena tahun lalu pada saat Queen’s day (Black Queen’s Day) saya sedang liburan di Scandinavia bareng Rahmadi. Jadilah saya join beberapa anak 2009 yang blm pernah ikutan Queen’s Day ini.

Our initial planning was to take train at 9.54. But Fadly texted me in the morning asking whether the plan to go to Amsterdam for Queen’s day will be executed or not, because the weather prediction was not so favourable (small raining and cloudy). I said, “go on”. Then he texted me that the time will be changed to 10.24. So I was take it easy, turned on my laptop and tried to find out more information about Queen’s Day.

around 10.20 I was already in the station. I was the first who arrived, the line to buy ticket was quite long. Then Dessy came, then Fadly. While we were in the line, Heidi called and said she will join to Amsterdam too, with 3 more people. So 8 people in total. A few moment later she called and said 2 additional person would join. so 10 tickets in total. Fadly bought 4, I bought 6 and Dira “cut” the line and asked me to buy 2 tickets to Utrecht Centraal for her and Winnie. Too crowded in Amsterdam she said when explaining why she did not go to Amsterdam.

Waiting for Heidi and her other friends, we stood in front of the (closed) Kiosk. Then one by one came, Omar, Ganesh, Hugo. Hugo and Marinda came and wet, they walked from spacebox to the station in the rain. The last person was Rian. So when he came we were ready for Amsterdam with the 11.24 train. 1 hour behind schedule, 11 students in total.

Going to Amsterdam was not an easy task. We got stuck in Haarlem. There was an “incident” happen in the line between Amsterdam Sloterdijk and Amsterdam Centraal. We tried to get into the bus, but the bus was very full. It seems like metromini in Jakarta. Except that the driver did not want to drive the bus because it was to crowded inside the bus. The situation in Haarlem station was like a controlled anarchy. People (mostly in orange suit) make noises, yelling and singing. After asked several officers, no bus came, we gave up and it seemed we would not go to Amsterdam at that time.

Ganesh the Queen and Omar the Mexican

Fortunately, when we walked near to Haarlem Centraal station, a bus to Amsterdam Zuid stopped near a bus stop there. Around 13.30. Bus was full, but the bus behind it was empty although it was said “Geen Dienst” which means not operated. Few minutes later, the “Geen Dienst” changed to “Amsterdam ….”. We run and get seat. Finally.

But, on contrary what was written in the bus, the bus went to Schiphol. Around 3 PM we were in Schiphol, stranded again. Now it’s time for Lunch in Burger King. All waitresses there wore orange for this day. The burger package is 8 EUR. In Haarlem it was 6 EUR when Ryan bought it.

Finished lunch, we tried to go to Amsterdam again. Amsterdam Centraal was quite difficult, so we go to Amsterdam Zuid. This time we took Fyra, which we were not entitled for. Fyra needs suplement charge, our tickets were normal tickets.

Amsterdam Zuid was very crowded. The Dutch with their orange stuffs dominating the view in Amsterdam Zuid. The metro was also very full. Thus, we dediced to walk towards Museumplein.

Along the way you could see environment of a celebration. People sold everything in the street. The street was also very dirty, empty cans and bottles everywhere. The garbage  seems worse than PRJ (Pekan Raya Jakarta or Jakarta Fair).

Another thing you can see  is music. There was several points in Amsterdam that have stage and free music. We went to Museumplein and spend sometime there. Just like ordinary music festival, except the domination of orange color.

Orange atributes are also the special thing for today. You can see a lot of unique clothes in orange. Heidi brought several orange things. Two big orange hats that need to be blow, like Omar and Ganesh wore in the picture above. Witch hat. Glasses with the flag theme and beer. Queen’s ribbon (like the one in miss universe).

From Museumplein we went to Waterlooplein. The street was very crowded. I run into Syafri somewhere when we tried to find Waterlooplein.

Toilet was also everywhere, especially for men. But for a decent one, you need to pay 1 EUR. (Rp. 12.000), quite expensive just for a toilet.

When we arrive in waterlooplein, all of us were tired an we just want to go back. Taking metro for free, just show our train ticket. In Amsterdam Centraal we stuck again, we have already sit in the train, and there was an announcement and everyone was complaining because we need to go out from the train. After around 1 hour in unconvinient situation (some of us were trap inside the train too), we took stoptrein to Rotterdam Centraal, as long as we go out from Amsterdam.