Dear student,

The Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management is very pleased to announce the Graduation Ceremony of the Master of Science Programme Management of Technology in the Town Hall of the city of Delft in the afternoon of Thursday, August 19, 2010. A detailed programme will be announced in due time.

All students of cohort MOT 2008/2010 are invited to attend. Those students who may not have fulfilled all obligations yet are also very welcome. Please, let your family members, friends and (external) supervisors know that they are also welcome to attend the ceremony.

Graduation procedure:

I would like to remind you of the mandatory graduation procedure and kindly refer you to the Blue Guide for more information on the subject. A step-by-step plan can be found here:

Or via Student portal TBM > TBM Education > MSc programmes > Graduation MSc.

First step:

You will have to hand in the Master thesis Application Form at the start of the project, at least before 15 April 2010.

2010 IBM-MOT thesis prize:

Please remember that thesis projects can be nominated for the 2010 IBM-MOT thesis prize. In order to compete for the prize, the thesis should be completed and submitted before 13 August 2010.

Good luck and good progress with your thesis project and remember to put Thursday 19 August on your calendar!

Yours sincerely,