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If your residence permit expires the 31st of August 2010 but you only need a few more weeks to finish your study (maximum 6 weeks) you don’t need an extension.

You will have 28 days to leave the Netherlands . However, don’t forget to arrange an extension of your IPS insurance for one month.


If you graduate before the 1st of September 2010 and you want to stay in the Netherlands to find a job you can change your residence permit (searching year) at the IND. You have to make an appointment (Immigration Office, phone 0900-1234561).

See for more information the website of Nuffic:


If you find out the beginning of August that you can not graduate before the date your residence permit will expire (31st of August 2010), you’ll have to extend your residence permit the beginning of August 2010 yourself. You also have to register again for the next academic year at the CSA (Central Student Administration).

Please see attachment for more information together with the extension form. 


If you already know you are not going to graduate before the 31st of August 2010 then we will see you on your appointment date and time. 


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