Please note:

Eight weeks before your residence permit expires you will need to apply for the extension.

Some students will receive forms from IND for the extension; if you haven’t received them, don’t wait: you can download the forms from the IND website:


Which documents do you have to send together with the extension form:

  • a copy of your own passport
  • a letter of enrolment as a student for the next year (TU Delft)


You have to have enough financial meanings for the next year. The amount of money has to be € 794,69 x 12 (the months what you need) = € 9.536,28. You don’t have to send a proof of the financial means with the form, but the IND might ask for it later on.


You need to go to CSA (Central Student Administration) to register for next academic year; you will receive a letter saying that you are a student for the next academic year. This letter you need for the extension of your residence permit.


When you have all the necessary copies and you have completed the forms, please make copies for your own administration, just in case IND will misplace the originals.


Please send your forms by registered mail at the Post Office (called: aangetekend). This will cost you

€ 6,65, but then you are certain IND will receive your application the next day. Moreover: you’ll have proof of sending, so keep the receipt!


Send the papers to:


Unit Verlengingen

Zuiderzeelaan 43-51

8017 JV Zwolle


IND will send you an accept giro (invoice) of € 52,- (for students with the Turkish nationality it cost €41,-) which should be paid within 4 weeks. Please use the enclosed accept giro, don’t  pay through internet!! On the accept giro is important information which IND needs for your application.

If you haven’t been able to pay on time, please contact IND yourself to see if payment is still possible.

If it is no longer possible you’ll have to send in the new application form and the required copies.

If you leave on holiday, please ask a friend to check your mail regularly and ask him/her to take the accept giro from IND to the post office as soon as possible, to do the payment for you.