Dear MoT-graduation student: please be an administrative champion!


You are about to start with your graduation project. This is an important phase of your studies in which you will encounter many intellectual challenges. Of course, the greatest fun is in the contents of the project. However, you also need to take care of some formal administrative activities in order to receive your MSc diploma at the end of your graduation project. These activities cannot wait until your greenlight session! Some of them have to be done before or at the very start of your graduation project (right now!).


An important administrative step is to have your list of electives approved by the Graduation Committee. You can find the form on the Graduation Pages of the Faculty, it is called “Form for list of electives MoT”. I have also included it as an attachment to this e-mail, for your convenience.


If you have not done so yet, fill in the form right away, have a graduation coordinator sign it and then submit it to the TPM service point in the hall. Next, it will be approved during a meeting of the graduation coordinators. You can find the contact details of the MoT Graduation coordinators on the Blackboard site MoT2910 MSc Thesis Project, left bar: graduation coordinators.


If approved, you will find the electives on your ISP in Blackboard (mind you: this is not the same as your grades list) or in Osiris. This ISP has to be 100% complete before the central TU student administration can process your diploma at the end of your studies. In previous years incomplete ISP’s led to frustrations and a lot of last minute hectic activities for students, staff and administrators. I can assure you, this is no fun!


Also those students that have made a change in their list of electives after the Graduation Coordinators approved of their list need to submit a new version of the electives form!!


The so-called Blue Guide tells you about all other administrative steps that you need to take (e.g. also important: the Master Thesis Application Form that you need to fill in and deliver to the TPM Service Point as soon as you have a complete graduation committee (this means: by the time of your kick-off meeting), see attached.


I wish you an inspiring and challenging graduation period!


If you have any questions about this, you can ask your first supervisor or the graduation coordinator of your graduation section or study advisor Marja Brand (supporting staff member to the Graduation Coordinators)


With best regards,


Chair Graduation Coordinators