Checklist to do list

Re-install your windows

  1. Using Recovery CD from Toshiba
  2. Remove Norton Anti Virus from Add/Remove Program
  3. Remove unnecessary program that I get from Toshiba
    Recovery CD (Toshiba Speech, etc)
  4. Install Microsoft Office (just MS Word, MS Excel and
    MS PowerPoint
  5. Instal Microsoft Visio
  6. Remove MS OneNote

After doing
step 1 to 6 you will see in your add/remove hardware something like this

  1. Establish network connection (see file “Setting
    Internet Feldmannweg”)
  2. Install Mozilla
  3. Install DivX (just it’s codec) otherwise your
    video files cannot be seen
  4. Install Adobe Flash Player
  5. Install Winrar
  6. Install PDF Creator
  7. Install Converter dari *.docx to *.doc
  8. Install Voice Recorder driver
  9. Install Skype
  10. Install Poivy