Dear ATHENS participant,


Last week you have participated in the ATHENS programme. I would like to inform you about the ATHENS scholarship, certificates and recognition of credits.



Students who participate successfully in the programme will receive €120,- ATHENS scholarship. This sum will be automatically transferred to your account. We will use your data (address and bank account number) from the Central Student Administration database to make the payment. If you have any change in address or bank account, please inform us as soon as possible.


The marks for the November ATHENS courses will be known by the end of January 2010 at the latest. This means it could take up to the end of March 2010 before you receive the scholarship payment. Students who do not successfully finish their course do not receive the scholarship sum.



The partner universities will send your certificate to the Delft International Office . As soon as we receive your document, we will inform you by e-mail to collect it at our office. You will receive an attendance certificate and a grade certificate.


Recognition of credits obtained

– You will need the original grade certificate for the recognition of your ECTS credits;

– The number of ECTS credits obtained depends on your faculty;

– If you fail to obtain the certificate with your results, please contact the International Office no later than 1 March 2010 and we will request another for you;

– If you fail to request your certificate by that date or lose your certificate we will charge you with an administration fee of at least €50 to request another.
– Your departmental coordinator for international exchange at your faculty can inform you further about the recognition of your credits; 


departments / faculties



Aerospace Engineering

Ms. C. van Haaren

Applied Earth Sciences

Ms. M. Kraeger

Applied Sciences

Ms. R. The


Ms. S. Musa

Electrical Eng. , Mathematics + Computer Science

Mr. J. de Vries

Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Science

Ms. M. Toppenberg

Civil Engineering

Ms. M. Kraeger


Ms. E. Fendel

Industrial Design Engineering

Ms. J.N. Arkesteijn

Technology, Policy and Management

Ms. C. Hoek


Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


With kind regards,


TU Delft International Office

ATHENS Local Coordinator