THE Permanent Collection:

The museum certainly ranks high amongst
the most significant dedicated to modern art in the world and  traces the evolution of art from Fauvism and
Cubism to the contemporary art scene.

The exceptional collection housed by the Centre
Georges Pompidou is drawn from the Museum of Modern Art of the city of Paris
and also from bequests made by artists’ families (Matisse, Chagall, Picasso,
Delaunay, Brancusi, Rouault, Kupka, Henri Laurens, Magritte Kandinski…).

The collection includes the following periods :

Fauvism : 1905-10

Cubism : 1907-18

Russian School : 1900-30

Abstract Art 1910-40

Paris School : 1910-1930

Surrealism : 1950’s

American School : 1940-1950

French Art : 1950’s

This visit will serve as an introduction to students
who wish to discover the richness of the Centre Pompidou. The museum is able to
present only 700-800 works of its art out of the some 35 000 that it houses.