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Sent: Wednesday, November 25, 2009 23:12:35
Subject: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many graduates do you employ each year?
A. In 2009 we intend to recruit over 1000 graduates globally. We do have opportunities all over the world but we are able to offer more in those countries where we have a higher operating presence – for example the Netherlands, UK, US, China, Malaysia, Norway, Germany, Qatar and Nigeria.

Q. What sorts of jobs are available?
A. We offer an amazing range of jobs in many different Technical and Commercial fields. Each year we examine our business requirements to find opportunities where graduates will be able to experience real responsibilities from day one. Exact jobs available, therefore, vary from year to year and depend on the operations in each country.

Q. What minimum qualifications do I need to apply?
A. We’ve created an online Degree Matcher to help you to identify the career options most suitable for you. The Degree Matcher is simply to help guide your choices and the listings of degree backgrounds we accept and disciplines we recruit into.

Q: My application has been regretted and I have not been interviewed, can I receive some feedback?
A: Unfortunately, due to the high volumes of applications we receive, we are unable to offer you individual feedback on your application at this stage of the recruitment process. We assess applications taking into account a number of qualities we have identified as being critical to high performance in Shell. A detailed explanation of these qualities can be found in the “What we look for” section of the website.

Q. I have applied before; can I re-apply?
A. Yes, you can re-apply if you have been unsuccessful. However, if you do wish to re-apply, you must leave:

  • 1 year*, if you were unsuccessful at either the initial screening or the interview stage of the recruitment process.
  • 3 years*, if you were unsuccessful at the final assessment stage of the recruitment process (Shell Recruitment Day, Gourami Business Challenge or an assessed Internship).

*from the date you receive the final outcome of your previous application
We advise this to enable you to have a better chance of being successful the second time round. The additional time will allow you to demonstrate that you have developed yourself further and have gained additional experience and/or qualifications.

Q. Can I defer my start date?
A. Yes, it’s possible to defer starting dates. How long your job offer will be valid with us depends on your plans and the requirements of our business.

Q. I have already graduated and have some work experience; am I eligible to apply?
A. Yes. You may be surprised to find that you wouldn’t be the only graduate in Shell who joins us with previous work experience. In terms of process, you will still need to apply in the same way as any other graduate.

Q. What selection criteria do you use to assess applications for your student opportunities?
A. While a strong academic record is important, our selection processes are designed to assess your Capacity, Achievement and Relationship.

Q. What is the Gourami Business Challenge?
A. The Gourami Business Challenge is an interactive business course and is held at a different location every year. Participants take the role of a Shell international project team tasked with developing and presenting a five-year business strategy for the fictitious company of Shell Gourami to senior Shell leaders, gaining invaluable skills along the way.

Q. Does securing a place on the Gourami Business Challenge or an Internship mean that I will automatically receive an offer of graduate employment?
A. While by no means guaranteed it is certainly a possibility. Your performance during the Gourami Business Challenge or your internship will be monitored and assessed by senior Shell managers. If you demonstrate the levels of performance and qualities we’re looking for, then we could well offer you a full-time position for when you graduate.

Q. Do you sponsor the studies of individual students?
A. We only consider sponsoring students from developing countries who are interested in carrying out postgraduate studies in the UK and the Netherlands. First-degree students are not eligible. We have 90 scholarships available in total, administered by The Shell Centenary Scholarship Fund.

The programme is a partnership with the Universities of Cambridge, Durham, Edinburgh, Oxford, Imperial College London and University College London, who also contribute to the funding. For details please visit

Q. Do you take part in campus visits and recruitment fairs?
A. We use a number of different media channels to provide information on career opportunities within Shell, which means we do take part in a number of student events all over the world. Please visit your Country website for local information and events