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ATHENS Confirmation Message
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To: R.A.Indra-1@student.tudelft.nl

This is an automated email. Do not reply directly to this message.
Should you need further assistance please contact your appropriate coordinator.

Congratulations on being accepted to the ATHENS course: TPT24
For this course you indicated that you DO need housing.

Dear student coming to ParisTech for the November 2009 Session,

We will be very pleased to be your hosts in Paris!

* Arrival date : We expect students on Friday, November 13.

* Starting time and place : Saturday, November 14 at 11a.m. at MINES ParisTech (60 Bd St Michel, Paris 75006, métro Luxembourg or n° 38 bus). At this Opening Session, you will be asked to contribute to the costs of the Social and Cultural activities organised in Paris by paying the European Dimension fee of 25€ (these activities are compulsory).

* Termination date and time : Saturday, November 21 in the morning

* Housing :

If you have requested housing on your registration form, you will be housed at one of the two following places (ParisTech will decide):

  • the CISP Residence, 17, boulevard KELLERMANN, 75013 Paris (2-8 students to a room) or

  • the Formule 1 Hotel ( 21-23 Avenue de la Porte de Chatillon, 75014 (2 students to a room).

Costs are from 19,30€ to 28,80€ per night ; these prices include breakfast.

Rooms are reserved from the night of Friday, November 13 to the morning of Saturday,

November 21 = 8 nights. We cannot reserve rooms before or after these dates. Given the

number of students to be housed, it will not be possible to change rooms after arrival.

In order to have access to their rooms, students must pay for their entire stay on arrival (in cash at the CISP and by cash or credit card at Formule 1). Please note also that because of computer registrati on difficulties at Formule 1 hotel, the first student arriving will be asked to pay the entire room and get reimbursed for the half of the room by the second student who will share the room with him/her.

IMPORTANT: students who would cancel their room reservation without any serious reason after November 5 will be requested to pay the entire price of the room.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, November 14 at MINES ParisTech.


General Coordinator

ATHENS Programme

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