Introduction Week 

Frequently asked questions Coaches


1. Who is responsible for paying my salary?

By means of digitally handing in your working hours, Bètawijs will pay your salary.


2. What does a Faculty Coach?

As a faculty Coach you guide and support a group of international students of your own faculty throughout the year. The Faculty Coaches are appointed by the Faculty, it is in their organization. Coaches who are also interested in being a Faculty Coach should contact the Internal Office from a certain faculty. The Survival Team is able to provide contact information.

International students who’d like to be a Faculty Coach should be aware of the fact that a Working Permit is only valid during the summer period or during college year. International students should make a choice.         


3. What does The Support Team?

The Support Team exists of a group of 10 coaches. Each SupportTeam Coach has his own House. Each house consists of 4 coaches, which have 2 groups themselves.

So, if a coach has some difficulties with both groups, you should help him and be the coach for that moment for that specific group. Or, if a coach becomes ill, you’ll have to replace him as a coach for his 2 groups for that day/activities.

Besides that, you are also the message bringer from the Survival Team. F.e. if we have a message for all the students, we say that to the Support team coach, he explains it to the 4 coaches, and the coaches will tell it to their groups. You also provide us the lists of abscent students by getting them from the 4 coaches.

So the Support Team supports and guides the coaches and their international student groups, and stays in close contact with the Survival Team.

A coach from the Support Team can also participate in the all kinds of different activities organized during the introduction week, so you can make the same amount of hours as a ‘normal coach’.


4. Is there a list of important Phone numbers and how do I know what my tasks are and what is expected of me?

There is are two mandatory trainings of half a day to get you informed about the Introduction Programme , for which you have enrolled. You have or will receive "the guidelines for coaches", as well as a list of important phone numbers before the first training.


Trainings data:

Friday afternoon 15 May from 13.00 to 17.00

Saturday morning 16 May from 10.00 to 14.00

Friday afternoon 22 May from 13.00 to 17.00

Saturday morning 23 May from 10.00 to 14.00


5Are the training days at own expense?

We attach importance to the fact that you attend the training, therefore we find it more than reasonable that you receive a small compensation for this.This can be declared at Bètawijs.


6Is the training really necessary?

Yes. The Introduction Programme is a highly intensive en large-scale programme. Besides that the amount of international students has risen (600 students now against 40 students 10 years ago) this makes it necessary that you are able to support and guide the students in a correct manner.


7How many students will I coach?

Dependent on the amount of applications, you will coach 2 groups of 8 students.


8What if I don’t have a click with the students or there are problems within my groups?

Ofcourse we don’t expect this to happen, but it is possible that you have some problems with a group or a student. Don’t hesitate to contact the support team or the survival team, so they can help you to find a fitting solution.


9How will I get informed about any changes?

The 19th of August there will be an evaluation-/ training day to discuss the last changes and answer any questions. During the introduction week there will be several briefings and via  you can keep track of all information.


10What if I get ill or I unexpectedly have to travel, have a birthday etc.?

When this happens you have to report this as soon as possible to Bètawijs and the survival team, so both of them can find a replacement as soon as possible. As a coach you are responsible for a group of students, you therefore are there help and stay during the whole week. We thus expect that if you are unavoidably detained you have valid reason.


11Will drinks and
food be provided

You will receive a drinkconsumption, which can’t be used during happy hour.


12 Information about the Project Assignment