September 2009

From: R
Sent: Monday, September 28, 2009 19:40:07
Subject: tolong diisi ya…. pahala lho…..

Dear All,

dapet kerjaan dari tugas technical writing, disuruh wawancara orang tentang their biggest fear,

Jadi, bisa tolong kasih angka nggak di belakang list2 ini, 1-5. penjelasannya tentang scale
1 – very less fear
2 – less fear
3 – fear
4 – strong fear
5 – very strong fear

List-nya yg perlu dikasih angka

List of fears

1. Ghost

2. Lonely (no friends)

3. New environment (facing something new)

4. Public Speaking

5. Little children and babies

6. Fall from high places (e.g. Cliff, airplane)

7. Deep sea

8. Being ignored

9. Animals (e.g. cats, dogs, worms)

10. No Freedom

11. Fear itself

12. Small and dark places

13. Thunder/ Lightning

14. Hot air

15. lost the loved ones

From: RAI
To: FY; LH
Sent: Friday, September 11, 2009 23:32:59
Subject: Open Monumentendag


Open Monumentendag
European Heritage Days in the Netherlands

The Open Monumentendag (Heritage Days) is designed to bring people into contact with the historic environment, and to encourage interest in and understanding of historical monuments and the need for their preservation. During the Open Monumentendag – every second weekend of September – thousands of historical buildings and sites (about 4,000) are open to the public free of charge. Besides opening their doors, many locations also organise on-site activities like exhibitions, music and guided tours. Each year around 80 to 85 percent of Dutch municipalities participate in the Open Monumentendag, organised by local committees. In recent years around 900,000 visitors have participated annually, making the Open Monumentendag one of the Netherlands’ premier cultural events.

The Open Monumentendag in the Netherlands started in 1987 and is co-ordinated nationally by the Stichting Open Monumentendag, which has its office in Amsterdam. The Open Monumentendag is part of an international organisation, the European Heritage Days. The Netherlands was one of the first countries to participate and played a key-role in establishing this Europe-wide phenomenon in the 1990s. Today 48 countries are affiliated with the European Heritage Days, which attracts around 20 million visitors every September and October, all keen to explore Europe’s cultural heritage.

Open Monumentendag has established itself as an integral part of the Dutch cultural calendar and has helped significantly in rallying support for the preservation of historical monuments in the Netherlands.

From: R
To: D
Sent: Tuesday, September 1, 2009 8:38:11
Subject: Re: Ditawarkan: 3 Lemari Pakaian!

Mas D,

Aku boleh ambil yg nomor 3 nggak? Lemari pakaian kayu putih, tinggi dan besar. Udah ada yg request?



From: D
Cc: YM
Sent: Tuesday, September 1, 2009 3:44:53
Subject: Ditawarkan: 3 Lemari Pakaian!


Ditawarkan (Gratis) tiga lemari pakaian dengan ukuran dan corak yang berbeda:

1. Lemari pakaian kayu coklat, ramping dan tinggi
http://farm3. com/2568/ 3875788053_ bc5633f2e9_ b.jpg

2. Lemari pakaian vinyl hitam (dengan rangka besi/aluminium) , pendek dan kecil
http://farm3. com/2444/ 3875789297_ 8d188d408b_ b.jpg

3. Lemari pakaian kayu putih, tinggi dan besar
http://farm3. com/2572/ 3876581144_ b752946f8d_ b.jpg

Terms of reference:
1. Peminat dapat menghubungi saya atau Mas JM, via email pribadi atau sarana-sarana lain.
2. Pengangkutan lemari diselenggarakan sendiri oleh peminat
3. Siapa cepat dia dapat.