From: R
To: N
Sent: Friday, July 31, 2009 0:12:48
Subject: Re: Hello Ronald!!

Hi ….

When I open email…. there is one from you… .haha what a nice surprise =)….. it is good to hear news from you ….. also it always good to back to home (mexico in your case hehe)…..

Currently I am in Spain, attending Summer University…. studying…. haha joking…. I attend Traveling Summer University, no study at all, just traveling :p….

I went to travel with Dmitri on 5th – 17th July in Finland and Norway, Road trip and camping…. after that I go to spain…..

I will finished my trip on 16 Aug 2009, 45 days in total… probably the longest trip I have ever made (last one was thailand trip, about 22 days), now I am on day 29 in Tarragona, tomorrow I will go to Barcelona……

my email <******> is already inactive. anyway, do you have facebook? if yes, add me in ***** 😉

what a long email from me hehe…..

Have a nice day