From: Pablo
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2009 13:09:39 +0200
Subject: [SUtrans-iberian] Madrid Meeting point for incoming participants
To: SUtrans-iberian

Hi, as you can see I have attached the subway map of Madrid. In any of the four Airport Terminals you can find a station, so you have to take line number 9 (Pink) until it’s final stop at “Nuevos Ministerios”, there you have to change to line number 10 (Dark Blue, direction “Puerta del Sur”) until “LAGO” (Lake) stop. There, at “LAGO” stop we will meet you. One subway ticket from the airport to LAGO It’s 2 Euro.

Raquel, Alejandro and me will arrive to Madrid Friday morning around 10:00 to “Atocha” train Station, late in the evening Albert and Alex will join us. So as you take the subway at the airport please send us a SMS and we will be ready to go to LAGO Stop to wait you.

If there is any communication problem this is the hostel address:

“Richard Schirmann Youth Hostel, Casa de Campo s/n, 28011, Madrid” (“Casa the Campo” It’s a very big Park in Madrid, the hostel is 800 meters from LAGO stop)

Now finally I only want to remember you that AEGEE is a volunteering association, this summer university has been organized during the last 8 months by students like you, not professionals, we don’t earn any Euro. We are doing our best to have a wonderful SU but It’s impossible to do all perfect, living and moving together 30 persons from sometimes very different cultures is a great deal, so I have to appeal to your comprehension and your collaboration during all the summer to create a good “climate” between all the participants, and also to help us the organizers to develop the summer activities, meals, cleaning, etc, that will lead us to have a great summer experience.

One more thing I would like to share with you It’s the real cost of the summer, It’s true that out TSU is one of the most expensive ones this year, 240€, but the real cost for each participant is estimated around 750€, so you are saving 68% money thanks to a great fund-rising work, specially this year when with the excuse of the crisis, budgets and subventions had been cut down. Now, don’t worry, I stop writing!

Looking forward to meet you all !

## AEGEE – Zaragoza
## Travel Summer University Coordinator 09
## Internet & Tecnologies Responsible