From: R
Sent: Sunday, June 7, 2009 23:55:47
Subject: Scandinavia Road Trip

Guys, anybody interested?
kalo iya, please reply via japri ya, not reply to all, jangan via FB jg.

mobil + bensin sekitar 20.000 EEK (1300 EUR), dibagi jumlah orang yg ikut. kalo u ikut berarti dibagi 4 (300an euro kalo ber4). EEK – Estonian Kroni

gw beli tiket den haag bremen – 14 EUR, abis itu bremen – tampere pake pesawat 34 EUR.

biaya lain2 (makan dkk) blm dihitung, tapi kita rencananya hemat2. Dmitri pernah travel bareng gw di Jepang, gw tau dia anaknya termasuk hemat.

Budget gw sih 500 EUR, tp mungkin akan lebih… gw blm tahu brp lebihnya…..



interested in Scandinavia Road? Trip. We are looking for the fourth person.

Route: Talinn – Helsinki – Tampere, towards north, then go south via bergen – oslo – stockholm – Talinn (see attachment for rough plan).
Date 4 July 2009 – 20 July 2009 (I joined 5-18 July)
Travelmate: R, V, D
We will rent a car: Dmitri + Vas (my Estonian friend) who will take care of it
Accomodation: We will camp, so inside tents

I will meet them in Tampere Airport, 5 July 2009. I will take RyanAir Bremen – Tampere. If you interested, I will send you the detail 😉



From: D
To: R
Sent: Sunday, June 7, 2009 12:04:41
Subject: Re: Scandinavia – the fourth person?

Hi, yes, sure, you can ask him. so far it’s only 3 of us.
> D,
> Have you found the fourth person? anyway, who is going to join this trip. Only me, you and V right?
> If you want to, I can ask whether one of my friends here in the Netherlands would like to join.
> R