Dear Huygens fellow,


You have been awarded the prestigious Huygens Scholarship. The Huygens Scholarship Program works with two main programs, one directed to international students and the other to Dutch students. Actually, we are already more than 1400 people!

In December 2008, the Nuffic Team who is responsible for the scholarships proposed to create an Alumni Association. We have followed up on this initiative and the Huygens Talent Circle is in the making!

The association has three main objectives:  

•  To provide a platform for professional and social networking
•  To facilitate opportunities to promote and encourage international cooperation 
•  To enhance a long-lasting effect of Nuffic’s Huygens scholarship programs

To accomplish such objectives we are organizing different kinds of activities and events.  For this reason, we are eager to know your opinion. So, please help us by filling the following questionnaire before May 10th. It only takes about 5 minutes. We would really appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Just click on the link: 
If you have already filled it in, please don’t do it again. Thanks!

There’s more! If you are interested in being part of the active members and be involved in the organization of the activities and events, please send us an e-mail with your information to:


For our communication, we are currently working on the official website. However, we already have a space in facebook and you can start connecting with other members. Please subscribe to the facebook group: Huygens Talent Circle to start building the circle!


Thank you very much and we hope to see you soon!

The Huygens Talent Circle