Ada lagi peluang exchange ke Harbin, bisa ketemu Xiao Fei dan Yu Ling kali ya ;p…..


Last year two MoT students (Ward Kobussen and Willian
van Slooten) spent about three months in Harbin ,
China , to
follow four courses as electives for their MoT master programme. As far as I
know, their experience has been quite good, and I would therefore like to offer
a new generation of MoT students the same opportunity.

The basic idea is to provide students the opportunity
to gain international experience and at the same time improve the attractiveness
of the MoT programme by giving students the opportunity to go abroad without
having to sacrifice the existing programme. The following requirements on the exchange programme are

The courses that can be followed
will make a valuable contribution to the MoT programme for the students and do
not contain already acquired knowledge and skills;

The exchange programme should not
result in substantial loss of time for the students.

Within these constraints, the idea is to provide MoT
students the opportunity to follow three courses at
Harbin .

Advanced cross-cultural management (2
weeks, 4 ECTS)

Political and administrative system
of China
(2 weeks, 4 ECTS)

Gaming-simulation for infrastructure
development (4 weeks, 6 ECTS)

And if the students wish so, they can also follow:

Service systems engineering (2
weeks, 4 ECTS)

In Harbin
the courses are not in parallel, but are given in sequential order. Each last
Friday of a course has the exam or final assignment and concludes the course.

The first course will begin 24 August and the first
three courses will end October 23, well before the 2nd period in
Delft begins (1-8 October will be holiday in
China ).
The three courses are given within an 8-week timeframe (or 10 weeks if the 4th
is added). These courses are given in the 1st quarter of the second year and MoT
students can spend their time in
China if they pre-arrange this with
programme manager Roland Ortt beforehand.

For students these courses can be part of their free
elective space (12 or 16 ECTS, respectively).

This exchange  was first organized last year, and
therefore the coming group this fall will be the second.

Those interested in receiving more information can
contact Martin de Jong (******
and/or Ward Kobussen and Willian van Slooten.