Beeeuuuhhh ngeselin kenapa internet di spacebox sering up and down.
Gw copy paste emailnya di blog sini deh biar gw nanti tinggal copy paste kalo ada masalah yg sama
Dear Stefan,
Thank you for your reply. I just re-install my windows again. And the internet is working properly (after the re-install). I did the same two weeks ago when I have similar problem.
I still hope that my connection will not have any problem in the future. I can connected right now (after re-install my windows), and I will contact netwerknestor next week to see is there anything wrong in my laptop or its settings.
Thank you for your help

From: Servicepunt BTUD <>
Sent: Friday, February 6, 2009 14:00:06
Subject: RE: RAI (Feldmannweg XXX) Internet issue

Hello RAI,
This problem does not seem to be related to the network, but rather to your laptop and it’s settings. Therefore, please get in touch with you netwerknestor. His email is
With kind regards,

Steffan Karger
Servicepunt BTUD

Van: RAI
Verzonden: vrijdag 6 februari 2009 13:29
Aan: Servicepunt BTUD
Onderwerp: RAI (Feldmannweg XXX) Internet issue
Dear Sir/Kazem,
I still cannot access my internet in my room. Eventhough I already did what Kazem (one of the personnel in service point library) told me to do (delete the item for connection and make a new one), it is still not working.
I can connect to TUD network, I can see in the bottom right, the icon of two green monitor blinking. But I cannot access the outside connection like or In my mozilla browser, it’s written “Page is not found”.
Today 1 PM I went to library (receptie), and a personnel there, said that my “call” is already “solved” since there is internet connection this morning. I can connect to TUD network this morning (icon two green computer blinking), but not to the website ( or
This was the same problem like two weeks ago. I reinstall my windows, and it’s working for a couple of days. Also looking back two August 2008, the same problem appears. At that time I was new student who get my internet setting for international student. At that time Yuri (and Didi) who handle my laptop, and they cannot install anything until I re-install my windows.
What’s the issue then? I already cannot connected to internet since Sunday (Feb 1st) night. Do I have to reinstall again (and probably this problem will appear again in the future???)
Thank you,