I did not have clear
picture how is the management game would look like, but after did one today; I
knew how it is going on then. 

The game is divided into three sessions. Started at
13.00 sharp.  Then the professor gave us

First session. Professor open the meeting, and decided what
role we got. There were four roles, CEO AF-KLM, CFO, VP Strategy, and
International Marketing. Only four persons get these roles, the others are
supporting these person. The professor was speaking for 5-10 minutes, and then
we can go out to find information we need (that’s why you saw me in computer
room today for 30 minutes. After we come back, two professors came and act as “Board
of Director” and one of us suddenly get role as CEO KLM,  so finally there were 5 roles in first
session. Then, we started the discussion. It was about company strategy. Since
it is the first time for us, most of the discussion was not as smooth as the
professor hope.

Second session, there is rotation in roles. Some person is
off, some new faces fill up the role. This time there are two new roles, VP for
Information Technology and Fleet Manager. Same as first session, discussion
again and also you have time to “find information”.

Third session. Rotation in roles again. We have two new
roles, Chairman Alitalia and CEO Alitalia. Discussion started about project. After
finished, we get feedback, and everyone of us were questioned about how the
game for you and room for improvement.

This is my personal opinion, the role of CFO and CEO is
crucial and it’s kind of hot seat. Two CEO in first two sessions were “get

Also stick at your rules. Don’t speak that is not your
roles. If you are not assigned in a role, be quiet and just be a listener. One
of us were giving his/her opinion and the professor kinda said “what is your
role here?”. 

Don’t speak to rare and also don’t speak too much. Just make
your point and don’t do the nitty gritty (details) talk. Keep it for your
subordinates. It just some advices.