MOT1600 – Design of Technological System

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Announcement Icon Mon, Dec 15, 2008 — 10573-080902: No lecture 18 December

Dear all,

already announced, there will be no lecture on Thursday 18 December. If
you have any questions concerning the ICT-part of the assignment, you
should ask them this week (feel free to email me with questions). After
this week I will not be available.


Posted by: Marijn Janssen     
Announcement Icon Wed, Nov 26, 2008 — 10573-080902: MOT1600: Thursday (Nov 27) class cancelled

Dear all,
I have not recovered fully from my illness yet, so I will have to cancel Thursday’s class as well. I am sorry about that.
I have tried to find a replacement teacher for tomorrow, but this did not work out, unfortunately.
will be up and running next week Monday (really!) and we will discuss
whether we need an extra two hours in class or whether we can find
other ways to convey the material I wanted you to learn.
Posted by: Paulien Herder     
Announcement Icon Thu, Nov 20, 2008 — 10573-080902: Monday lecture cancelled
Dear all,
Monday’s lecture (Nov 24) will be cancelled due to illness.
We will ‘catch up’ on Thursday (if I have recovered by then) or the week after in the regular class hours.
Posted by: Paulien Herder     
Announcement Icon Mon, Nov 03, 2008 — 10573-080902: Room C on Mondays

Hi all,
We have been rebooked to room C on Mondays.
On Thursday we will also be in room C.
Life does not get any easier…