If you take English for Academic Purpose 2, the homework will be look like this

It is taken from http://blackboard.tudelft.nl/webapps/portal/frameset.jsp?tab_id=_2_1&url=%2fwebapps%2fblackboard%2fexecute%2flauncher%3ftype%3dCourse%26id%3d_22648_1%26url%3d

Item Homework given 17th September


1. Make sure you MASTER all the words and phrases on page 10 and words/phrases at the top of the columns on pages 11-16.

  1. MASTER means:
    1. You can pronounce all the words. (Where is the stress in the words, for example?)
    2. You can use the words and phrases spontaneously in a conversation. So without looking at the book?
    3. You know which preposition follows a verb
    4. You can translate difficult words/phrases into more simple language by using synonyms


There’ll be a short test next week to see if you do indeed master the language.


2. Learn the discussion phrases off by heart.

If you’ve got one, please bring your English-English dictionaries to
every lecture as I haven’t got enough to go round. (You could take
turns doing this.) The more dictionaries we have, the better. For those
of you who can’t afford one or don’t want to buy one, www.OED.com is a good dictionary site.


Learn all the words and phrases from unit 3 if you haven’t yet done so.
I don’t want to hear any excuses for homework that hasn’t been done
from now on.