Tadi pagi pas kuliah High-tech marketing, tiba2 Sinterklas nongol di depan pintu, dan mulai melempar isi karung dia (permen, biskuit, etc)…. hehehe kuliah di Belanda kadang2 emang aneh2 ….Tak lama kemudian, temen dia dateng (Zwarte Piet), mahluk hitam berjumlah dua orang ^_^

Lupa bawa kamera…. tapi tadi minta Vikesh fotoin =)

@ Spacebox, Delft


(tentang Sinterklaas bisa dilihat dari kutipan email dari International Office TU Delft dibawah)

For centuries in the Netherlands, the 5th of December has been
a day when nearly everyone is at home, celebrating the birthday of Sint
Nicolaas, the kind Spanish bishop. Every year, Sint Nicolaas (also
known as Sinterklaas) makes the trip to Holland to celebrate his
birthday. He has been doing this for ages, not to receive presents, but
to give them, especially to the children.

will also visit us. Together with Zwarte Piet he brought you threats
and gifts. Come Meet and Greet them with some hot choco and pepernoten.
Bring your smile with you and our fototeam will photograph you sitting
on the lap of Sint.

Date: Friday December 5th,2008

Time: 16:00h till 18:00h (TU closes at 15:30h)

Place: Cultural Centre TU Delft