Status: Accepted
but I withdrew. The first scholarship that after I got it, I withdrew. Sengaja semuanya dikasih bintang2, dan beberapa disamarkan. Biarlah hanya beberapa orang saja yg tahu apa yg ada di balik bintang2 itu, beserta alasan utama dibalik pengunduran diri.
Beberapa teman dekat (hanya teman2 dkt yg tahu) ada yg pro, sebagian ada yg kontra. Let it be. University-nya prestisius, scholarship sudah dapet. Tinggal berangkat, kurang apa lagi?…..Tp ada alasan pribadi dibalik semua keputusan.
When a door is already opened,
I decided not to enter.
There was a reason.
That only several person know

Dear RAI,

Thank you for your message. Unfortunately you have to withdrawal , this message is enough to let us know.

The next opportunity to apply for a scholarship will be for the 2008-2009 academic year. Information about that round is available on ****** website.

Important: if you have previously applied for a ********** scholarship, you will still have to submit a complete application for the 2008 application round.

I’ll send you a confirmation of your withdrawal. Good luck with your job and further studies is September 2008.

Programma Administrator

Capacity Building & Scholarships Directorate

From: RAI [mailto: ******* ]
Date: friday ***** 2007 14:27
Subject: Re: FW: RAI, XXXXXX

Dear ***

Thank you for your response. Due to *****

Term no. 6. *****

I want to inform you that I am unable to start my study in ***** on ******* due to several reason. I want to know whether this email already met the criteria “inform ***** about this in writing”. If it doesn’t, do I have to make a letter addressed to ******?

The primary reason that I want to postpone my entry to ***** because *****

In my opinion *****

I have already accepted in the *****. I knew that from email that ***** has sent me on ***** 2007.


Thank you for your attention