April 29th – Saturday -> TAMA ZOO
It’s Green day (Midori no Nichi), so all zoo and park all over Japan is free. We went to Tama Zoo to see its mascot, Koala :p. They’re lazy animals, only eating and sleeping. There were Beer, Aun, Poli, Massimo, Yu Ling, Raul, Eduardo. Later inside the zoo we met Baskara, Totti and Georgi, so many people ;p
April 30th – Sunday
ASEAN 1st Festival at Komabatodaimae in the afternoon and Hugo’s and Poli’s birthday party in the night. Hugo and Arqui was very drunk and did funny things
May 1st – Monday
Stuck in class
May 2nd – Tuesday
Stuck in class, even worse, we have quiz.
May 3rd – Wednesday -> HAKONE
Route : Hakone Yumoto Station -> Amazake Chaya -> Old Tokaido Highway Museum -> Moto Hakone -> Cedar Avenue -> Hakone Detached Palace to have good view of Fuji-san -> Checkpoint Museum -> Hakone machi -> Boat to Moto Hakone -> Hakone Shrine -> Camping
May 4th – Thursday -> HAKONE
Route : Take boat to Togendai -> Owakudani (famous for its hot springs and black egg) -> Gora -> Museum of Photography -> Hakone Open Air Museum -> Onsen -> Camping near Hakone Yumoto station
May 5th – Friday -> HAKONE
Route : Onsen -> Museum of Little Prince -> Hakone Glass Museum
May 6th – Saturday -> TAMAGAWA
Picnic at Tamagawa, the first time for me to go to Tamagawa :p. there were a lot of people. Hugo, Jullietta, Massimo, Arqui, Ramon, Nayeli, Ni Wei, Yu Ling, Miao Miao, Raul, Eduardo, Aun, Poli, Dmitri, Totti, Georgi.
May 7th – Sunday
Ueno’s National Museum of Western Art. There were special exhibition about Rodin (famous sculptor) and Cariere there. Maybe it’s the third time to see Rodin’s artworks (first in Louvre, second in Hakone). Included the model (not original) of his masterpiece, “Hell’s Gate”. About the sculptor, no comment, I prefer the painting :p