April 2006

Thursday, 13 April 2006
Student ID & Name
RAI   Student ID 0595XXX
Title of project
Developing of micro robot using hopping locomotion principle
Micro hopping robots that is sensible to light
micro robot, light sensitive, hopping
Objective & Aim of achievement
Long focus
  • Creating micro hopping robot for disaster survivor detection
Short focus
¡¤ Creating micro hopping robot that is sensitive to light
¡¤ Developing how to make the micro hopping robot can be faster
¡¤ Controlling the movement of the micro robots (direction etc)
¡¤ Creating a smaller robot than previous
Outline of Project
1) Principle of locomotion is hopping
2) The micro robot using body that is created using software MiniCAD 7.0
3) The robot is sensible to light
4) Size is as small as possible
Principle & Approach
The robot will use hopping locomotion instead of wheel or legs. The advantage is it will be easier to make small robots using hopping locomotion. If we use wheel, the motor will be bigger so the dimension of robot will be bigger too and if we use leg (e.g. ASIMO, AIBO) it will cost a lot and the size will be big too. The micro robot will use two DC motors to control its movement. Some of the micro robots are using only one DC motors, but it is difficult to control.¡¡
Application for the robots is for rapid location of survivors of collapsed buildings from natural disasters and terrorist attacks. Owing to the small size of the robots, they should be able to penetrate rubble better and faster than larger robots or even trained dog or human.
April                  Review how far the research has been done,
and try to think what to be added in this research,
May                 Using MATLAB for improving the research and try
several  shape of body
June                  try to make several robots
July                   Test the robot performance and prepare the paper
August               Preparing for presentation
Status of project
I have learnt the locomotion principle of the micro hopping robot.
I have made the electronic circuit of the micro robots.
I have made some part of the body of the micro robots
I have learnt how to use the cutting machine
  • Software is in Japanese
  • Status of project
    I have learnt the locomotion principle of the micro hopping robot.
    I have made the electronic circuit of the micro robots.
    I have made some part of the body of the micro robots
    I have learnt how to use the cutting machine
    • Software is in Japanese
    • It won¡¯t be easy to control the robot movement
    • It need several times to make a good shape of body of this robot
    • Have to have more practice how to use the cutting machine
[1] R. Misumi, S. Kurata, H. Aoyama, Design and development of Micro Hopping Robots for Rescue Operation,
[2] H. Aoyama, D. Misaki, T. Sumrall, Micro Hopping Robot with IR Sensor for Disaster Survivor Detection, IEEE International Workshop on Safety, Security and Rescue Robotics, Kobe, 2005
Oct 2 : Soekarno-Hatta Airport
Oct 3 : Narita Airport
Oct 9 : Meijijinggu and Harajuku (Jullietta and Beer)
Oct 10 : Odaiba (Kocho, Yo, Jack, Beer, Ta, Oil, Jullietta, etc)
Oct 19 : Yasukuni Jinja (Colin and Beer)
Oct 22 : Takaosan (Nayeli, Jullietta, Beer, Colin, Dmitri etc)
Oct 23 : Tokyo Motor Show (Beer)
Oct 30 : Odaiba (Hendri, Hendrik, Rilya, etc)
Nov 3 : Excursion TV Broadcasting – NHK Research Laboratory
Nov 5 : Yasukuni Jinja, Waseda Univ, Ikebukuro (Xiao Xin and Liu Jia)
Nov 12 – Nov 13 : Atami, Hakone, Mishima (Beer and Colin)
Nov 17 – Nov 20 : Kyoto Trip(Anigi, Thomas, Yo, Liu Jia, Xiao Xin, Maggie, Xie, Matt, Colin, Jullietta, Dmitri)
Nov 17 : USJ
Nov 18 : Kyoto
Nov 19 : Kyoto and Nara
Nov 20 : Himeji, Akashi Bridge, and Kobe
Nov 23 : Ueno (Beer)
Nov 26 – Nov 27 : UEC Home Visit
Nov 30 : Elementary School  and Beer Factory Visit (UEC Excursion)
Dec 2 : Shinjuku (Aoyama Laboratory Bonenkai)
Dec 3 : Roppongi and Tokyo Tower
Dec 8 : Disneyland (Anigi, Thomas, Yo, Xiao Fei, Xiao Xin)
Dec 10 : MIFO’s Kimono and Tea Ceremony
Dec 16 : KMKI Christmas
Dec 17 : Nagoya
Dec 18 : Asakusa Battledore Fair
Dec 20 : Lion’s Club Christmas Party
Dec 23 – Dec 29 : Hokkaido and Tohoku Trip
Dec 23 : Train to Sapporo
Dec 24 : Sapporo, Tomakomai
Dec 25 : Shiraoi, Sapporo, Otaru, Tomakomai (Suwandi)
Dec 26 : Sapporo
Dec 27 : Hirosaki
Dec 28 : Sendai
Dec 29 : Matsushima
Dec 30 : Nakajima Sensei’s Tea Ceremony (Matt, Colin, Jullietta, Nayeli
Dec 31 – Jan 4 : New Year Period
Dec 31 : Tokyo Tower (Yohanes, Rian, Ivan)
Jan 1 : Roppongi’s Cinema “Memoirs of Geisha” (Yohanes, Rian, Ivan)
Jan 2 : Imperial Palace (Seeing the Emperor of Japan)
Jan 3 : Meijijinggu Shrine and Harajuku
Jan 4 : Nikko and Yokohama
Jan 7 – Jan 8 : Nagoya Trip 2 (Beer)
Jan 7 : Nagoya
Jan 8 : Inuyama (Inuyama Castle and Little World)
Jan 14 : Excursion TV Broadcasting – Tokyo Tower
Jan 15 – Jan 16 : Kyoto Trip 2
Jan 21 : Kamakura
Jan 22 : Tokyo Dome, Harajuku, Shinjuku (Andry, Tanya, and Amelia)
Jan 23 : Akihabara, Asakusa, Ginza, Tsukiji Fish Market (Andry and Tanya)
Jan 28 – Jan 29 : Chinese New Year
Jan 28 : Chinese New Year Party @ 2nd Floor
Jan 29 : Yokohama’s Chinatown
Feb 17 : Tsukiji Fish Market (Colin, Anigi, Liu Jia, et. al.)
Feb 18 : Excursion Japanese Human Relation
Route : Keio Univ -> Ginza -> Tokyo Univ -> Ueno -> Sanya -> Asakusa
Feb 24 – Feb 25: Niigata Snowboarding (Aoyama Laboratory)
March 2 : Poster Presentation and Closing Ceremony
March 3 – March 5 : Ski Trip @ Nagano Pref.
March 9 – March 23 : China Trip
March 9 : Narita – Beijing
March 10 : Beijing (Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Beihai Park) – Linda, Beijing Acrobat
March 11 – Beijing (Temple of Heaven, Pearl Market) – Linda (Night train to Xian)
March 12 – Xian (Terakota, Drum Tower, Bell Tower)
March 13 – Hua Shan Mountain
March 14 – Xian (City Wall, Big Goose Pagoda, Little Goose Pagoda, Shaanxi Provinsional Museum)(Night train to Shanghai)
March 15 – Shanghai (People’s Square, Nanjing Lu, The Bund, The Bund Sightseeing Tunnel)
March 16 – Shanghai (Frenchtown, Old City, Yu Bazaar, The Bund
March 17 – Shanghai (Shanghai Science and Tech Museum, Ancient Chinese Sex Exhibition Museum, The Bund)(Night train to Beijing)
March 18 – Beijing (Wangfujing Area, street food, etc)-Doyot and Linda
March 19 – Beijing Summer Palace
March 20 – Trekking Great Wall from Jinshaling to Simatai
March 21 – Beijing Hutong, Drum Tower, Bell Tower, Tsing Hua Univ, Beijing Univ; Dinner Beijing Duck (JQ, Sherly, Linda)
March 22 – Beijing Station, Tiananmen Square, Mao Tse Tung Mouloseum, night at airport
March 23 – Beijing -> Narita
March 28 – March 29 : Enjoying Sakura Blossoms
March 28 : Ueno Park and Sumida River (Sumidagawa)
March 29 : Inokashira Park, Shinjuku Gyoen, Chidakurafuchi near Yasukuni Jinja (Yu Ling)
March 30 – April 5 : Western Japan Trip (Chasing Sakura Blossoms)
March 30 : Kyoto and Osaka
March 31 : Fukuoka
April 1 : Nagasaki
April 2 : Hiroshima
April 3 : Hiroshima and Miyajima
April 4 : Yoshinoyama
April 5 : Kyoto