Spring Holiday 2006
Route: Beijing – Xian – Huashan Mountain – Xian – Shanghai – Beijing

This email is the trigger of my trip to China

Ronald, I’m glad I can help you with little information I have.

> 1. Have you made itenary plan before coming to China? i.e. You book
> hostel and train ticket from japan?

I made no itinerary at all. I was lucky to be with a wild friend so we could dynamically go to wherever we wanted. The original itinerary, that we knew we could change at any time as we liked was the following:

– arrive to Beijing and the morning after take train to Shanghai
– 3 days in Shanghai and go to Shaolin Temple
– 1 day in Shaolin and continue to Xian
– 4 days in Xian and train to Beijing back
– 2 days in Beijing to see the main attractions and go to Harbin
– 2 days in harbin and go back to Beijing for the last preparations to go back
– 5 days in Beijing

Finally we did not go to harbin. We were sick of those trains.

We did not know anything about hostels, hotels, or anything. We were ready to sleep in the streets or wherever we could. Actually we had in mind to sleep during nightover trains to save money of the accomodation.

> 2. How much does it cost for the plane? and total cost?

I paid, included all taxes 43,000 yen round trip 20 days fixed. Northwest airlines. Take a look to Number-One travel. There are other cheap places for sure.

Total cost, 43,000 yen + 50,000 yen = 93,000 yen
included price for entrance for main attractions, transportation (4-th class, standing in the trains), A LOT OF BEER.

> 3. Is there many coin lockers in china

I did not see anything. I recommend you to bring a backpack with the minimum. You can always buy there undies or tshirts. Take a good coat, it may be very cold.

> 4. Do you need to apply visa?

I am, mexicans we need visa. The visa took 2 weekdays and it cost me 3,000 yen single entry. The embassy is in roppongi.

> 5. How about transportation in china, is it good enough (or acceptable)?

Depends on the price you want to pay. They say local airlines are cheap. But I took 4th-class train. Night train, no seat at all, sometimes if there was available we could take. But I recommend you to pay a little extra and get a bed, shared bed.

> 6. Is there any tourist information in (or near) the main station?

There are all this services. In every major city we went we had detailed maps for tourists.

Get ready to walk, and WALK, AND WALK. I never took a local train/bus or anything. We were walking probably around 20kms every day. Those chinese cities are big.

I can bring you next wednesday information of the BEST hostel in Beijing. I’ll give you the details in person. I recommend you taht hostel, I would come back there forever. I spend the most memorable times of my trip there, drinking cheap beer.

I think I can get you also Xian hostel information.




Gua tgl 9 maret 2006 – 23 maret 2006 kemarin ke china…. pas weekend temen gua yang di beijing temenin gua jalan2….. Selama di china gua ke beijing dulu 3 hari 2 malam, abis itu ke Xian (13 jam naik kereta malam dari beijing), di xian 3 hari 2 malam (sempet ke Terakota Warriors dan Gunung Huashan 2160 dpl), abis itu ke
shanghai (16 jam dari kereta dari xian) -> tua di jalan…. disitu 3 hari 2 malam… abis itu balik lagi ke beijing naik kereta malem (13 jam) menghabiskan sisa
hari2 gua di china di beijing…. udah gitu tgl 23 gua dapet morning flight, jadi gua bermalam di bandara, tidur di bandara deh (tidur2an gitu) capek abis…… makanya kemarin malem gua tidurnya 12 jam gitu…. balas dendam…..

Kita jadi reunian kecil2an gitu di Beijing, temen SMU gua ada 4 orang lagi kuliah bahasa disana… tapi cuman ketemu 3 dari mereka. setelah bertahun2 tidak ketemu, malah ketemuan di china, bukannya di jakarta, 


Ok. tempat yang gua suka di China itu SHANGHAI, terutama daerah THE BUND, di sepanjang sungai yang membelah kota shanghai. Bangunan2 di sepanjang tepi sungai itu dikasih night illumination, jadinya bagus banget deh.
biasanya jadi tempat pacaran gitu, kalo enggak pasangan ya turis yang di situ. gelo rame banget, terutama di daerah tepi timur dari sungai, soalnya di situ banyak bangunan kuno, dan lebih lama exsistnya, lucunya di kursi2 taman, gua
biasanya liat co-ce, tapi di satu bangku, gua liat co-co, haha jadi mikir yang aneh2