You will never know how your decision can affect your future. Today`s dawn (1.30 am) I called my old friend, Richard. Having a long chat, mainly about how our (Me, Richard, Marcel, and Pauzi) decision few years ago affected our life now. Now, I am in Japan, Richard in Singapore, Pauzi in Australia, and Marcel probably still in Medan.
I don’t know what I will become now if I made same decision as him to enrolled at Singapore Polytechnic. I chose Bina Nusantara Univ. – RMIT International Program instead. I only "studied" in Binus for ONE DAY (actually it is only student orientation).  Later that day, I received official letters from ITB that I am accepted as students.
The night before, I checked my National Univ. entrance examination result, I was accepted at Electrical Engineering ITB. Informatics was my first choice, and Electrical Eng. was my second choice. Crazy choice, but I am not the only one. Juanda has the same choice like me, but he’s "more crazy", because he choose "Indonesian from mongoloid descents" in race column. It is a discrimination, cause you need higher score than ordinary passing grade if you choose it.
I was so confused why I was accepted, mainly because my lack of preparation. I bought the Nat’l Entrance Examination Problem and Solution the last 7 years on friday night, study all day on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Take the test on Tuesday and Wednesday. Watched three movies in cinema after tuesday test with my brother. Actually, no hope that I can pass that exam.  
But decicion has to be made. I don’t know much about electrical eng, I just don’t want to the second choice field is empty, so I write electrical engineering. If I choose Binus, I can spend my third year and fourth year in RMIT Australia. If I choose ITB, I get the opportunity to study with student from all over Indonesia (and later I know, we can join exchange program abroad). I chose ITB. Actually almost everone in my position will choose ITB mainly because of "cap gajah".
Life is still goes on. We won’t know how our small (or big) decicion affected our life in the future. Only God knows.
Qua sera sera, what will be, will be