From: RAI
To: AC
Sent: Friday, January 20, 2006 5:50:11
Subject: Re: Jakarta Questions -> Go to Mangga Dua and Glodok

RAI, I have a question for you as well.

I’ll ask My Special Lady Friend but I would like to have the opinion
of a man.

I’ll go to Jakarta for 3 weeks in march. During the weekdays I have
no activity since Petty is working from morning to 6 in the
afternoon. Therefore I would like to have some activity.

I have been thinking what to do, here are my options:

1. Be a volunteer in some social activity, you have any idea of
this ?, I’ve checked some websites but all of them look fake and non-


Volunteer work? I don`t recommend this.
You can be a volunteer in High School to be *English Teacher* :p

2. Contact some student group (unix enthusiasts) to share experiences


If you like computer related stuff, you can go to Universitas Bina Nusantara (or Binus). It is located in West Jakarta. You can find many computer freaks in that university. The university have BNCC (Bina Nusantara Computer Club), the association for computer enthusiastic, you can join them. For further information please go to.


3. Contact a laboratory to see if I can go to have discussions and
share knowledge in some technology university in Jakarta.


I don`t know much about contacting a laboratory. Usually laboratory is only for final year students. Try to make contact with BNCC, maybe they can provide you more information.

What my best option would be for you opinion ?
* I would choose the second one.*

Or what other things i can do ?


You are computer enthusiast, just spent your day in Mangga Dua and Glodok, for few days. Many softwares is sold there (illegal and legal one). If you can make friends with one of those BNCC freaks, they have better information about computer related stuff (more than me off course)

If you want to find computer software and games (pirated and cheap) go to Mangga Dua region. It is better to MAKE A LIST what is the software or games you wanna buy BEFORE you come to Indonesia. It is like Akihabara in Japan, but they specialize only in computer related stuff. It also have a store that sell computer books (pirated), cheaper than the original.

You should go to GLODOK, it is Jakarta`s Chinatown, there you will find many cheap DVD. (1 DVD is less than 100 yen) pirated one off course. Last time I bought 10 DVD cost less than 700 yen

I have some tips
1. Jakarta is hot and humid, probably you will take a shower twice
a day, you won`t need winter clothes here
2. Be sure to ask the price first before you use public transportation
otherwise, you will pay more than average
3. If you choose taxi, choose from *blue bird* company (the color
of the taxi is blue), it is more convinient and saver, and be sure
that they use argometer.
4. Buy prepaid cell phone number (you can borrow the phone from
Petty, probably she has more than one)
5. Your face is look like caucasian, probably they might charge you
more, i.e in the bus (most of bus don`t use ticket – there is a
person who collect the money in the bus) – just ask another
passanger how much to pay
6. In the crowded place, BE CAREFUL of your wallet or cellphone,
sometimes there are many pickpockets
7. Memorize Petty`s phone number (in case you lost your
cellphone) – or you can write it in a piece of paper
8. Prepare smaller money (Rp. 1.000) or coin for public
transportation, try not to use bigger money (10.000 or more)
100 yen is equal to Rp. 8400 (roughly)
9. English is not commonly use, so it is difficult to us to speak
English the first time, you can buy Indonesian phrase book in
Kinokuniya Shinjuku, it might be helpful.
10. If a strange person try to talk to you, ignore him.

If you have any other question, feel free to ask