Countdown at Tokyo Tower, Watch Cinema in Roppongi, Imperial Palace and Meijijinggu
Dec 31 – Jan 1 -> Tokyo Tower and Roppongi
I spent 2006 New Year countdown in Tokyo Tower with ITB exchange students at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Yohanes, Rian and Ivan). Met them at Hachiko statue in Shibuya and then heading to Tokyo Tower. I saw many people at the temple near Tokyo Tower. I just remember Feli said “In comic, there are many people in the temple”, I think it is based on reality. I saw several durnk people that day. After countdown we went to Roppongi to watch “Memoirs of Geisha”, Nice movie. We met several Indonesian students there, some of them are their senpai at Tokodai, and some are Todai students. So many Indonesian that day. After the movie, I am very sleepy. I lost my subway ticket (da**), and has to pay again. I also missed Chofu station, and ended up in Nishichofu. Jan 1 -> I sleep all day.
Jan 2 -> Imperial Palace
I saw the Japanese emperor for the first time. Nice. To bad it was raining. The security were so tight. There are two “layers” of security there. They distributed free japanese flag, and all the people waving the flag when the emperor is come. He only speak for several minutes. I saw the emporor twice that time. First, I was in the end of line, and second, I was in the front of the line (because I was in line again). After that go to Tokyo station and back home to chofu
Jan 3 -> Meijijinggu and Harajuku
I spent 1 hour que in that shrine. I wonder why there are many people visiting meijijinggu. Later I know Beer spent 2 hours on que on the new year day. After that I saw consumerism in Harajuku. People with many stuff that they bought in Takeshita dori. There was sale on new year in Japan, so everyone seems to go shopping during that period.