Friday, January 6th 2006
Student ID & Name
RAI   Student ID 0595XXX
Title of project
Developing of micro robot using hopping locomotion principle
Micro hopping robots that is sensible to light
micro robot, light sensitive, hopping
Objective & Aim of achievement
Long focus
  • Creating micro hopping robot for disaster survivor detection
Short focus
¡¤ Creating micro hopping robot that is sensitive to light
¡¤ Developing how to make the micro hopping robot can be faster
¡¤ Controlling the movement of the micro robots (direction etc)
Outline of Project
1) Principle of locomotion is hopping
2) The micro robot using body that is created using software MiniCAD 7.0
3) The robot is sensible to light
Principle & Approach
The robot will use hopping locomotion instead of wheel or legs. The advantage is it will be easier to make small robots using hopping locomotion. If we use wheel, the motor will be bigger so the dimension of robot will be bigger too and if we use leg (e.g. ASIMO, AIBO) it will cost a lot and the size will be big too. The micro robot will use two DC motors to control its movement. Some of the micro robots are using only one DC motors, but it is difficult to control.¡¡
Application for the robots is for rapid location of survivors of collapsed buildings from natural disasters and terrorist attacks. Owing to the small size of the robots, they should be able to penetrate rubble better and faster than larger robots or even trained dog or human.
October            Meeting with my professor and find topic of research
November        Reading some paper related to my research
Discuss with laboratory member about my research
December        Study the locomotion principle of micro hopping robot
Create electric circuit for the micro hopping robot
Status of project
I have learnt the locomotion principle of the micro hopping robot.
I have made the electronic circuit of the micro robots.
I have learnt and tried to use software MiniCAD 7.0
Next I want to make the body of the robot using software MiniCAD 7.0 and cutting machine in the laboratory
  • Software is in Japanese
  • It won¡¯t be easy to control the robot movement
[1] R. Misumi, S. Kurata, H. Aoyama, Design and development of Micro Hopping Robots for Rescue Operation,
[2] H. Aoyama, D. Misaki, T. Sumrall, Micro Hopping Robot with IR Sensor for Disaster Survivor Detection, IEEE International Workshop on Safety, Security and Rescue Robotics, Kobe, 2005